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Why I dislike TikTok

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  • Why I dislike TikTok

    I was doing a presentation about all the different social platforms for contractors. I was explaining the limited focus that should be used on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. By "limited", I mean using just enough to generate leads without mastering any specific tool.

    Everything was going great until someone said to me "What about TikTok?".

    My reply was:
    1) While you may get all sorts of followers and comments on TikTok, rarely will you get sales.
    2) And even if you can get some sort of residual, I am patriotic and am not going to support another country who bans American products (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook), and then wants to control us with their products.

    I then asked the person, would you be willing to give up the product just to support patriotism. The reply was "I have the right to use anything I want". I had many smirks and head movements on the screen and moved on to the next topic.

    So while there may be some of you who are using TikTok, and perhaps did not know that the American platforms are banned in China, would you reconsider stopping to use a product just for that patriotic reason? I make some touch choices spend money on (usually more expensive) American products, so it is a no brainer for me on the social tool.

    Any comments on the results it has for you (based on real sales, not just followers) or the patriotic side?​

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    You bring up a valid point about TikTok's user base and how it might not always translate into sales for businesses. It's true that the platform is primarily known for its entertainment value and short-form content. When it comes to supporting American products and businesses, it's a noble stance. Many individuals prioritize using American-made products to boost the local economy and uphold their patriotic values. If you're looking to expand your online presence and engage with a broader audience while staying true to your values, check out instagram followers instant delivery. This can be a helpful tool if you decide to focus on American platforms like Instagram while maintaining your commitment to patriotism.