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  • Rehashing the starting a business thread

    Hello all,

    My name is Nick and I got into the property preservation field helping a friend help a friend about a year ago. We started talking over the summer and decided, since a realtor friend of ours was having issues finding a good property preservation company, that we should enter this industry.

    My background is in accounting and I have been somewhat of a serial entrepreneur. My partner has experience with real estate to an extent, though not directly with preservation. We did some work initially for our realtor friend, and we are awaiting payment, but everything has died off. I built what I think is a decent website (, though it needs refocused a bit better.

    With our work at a complete standstill, I began just calling realtors asking who is handling REO properties within their organization. For the most part, they said the banks take care of that. I called several banks and they said they offload them to whatever realtors are representing them for the most part. Several of both have mentioned larger companies hold the contracts for this type of work in the area I live in, but from what I have seen on this board, that is not a direction we want to head if we want to make money.

    So the question I have is what did you do to find success recently in your business? Again, from what I have read, this business has seemingly changed dramatically from where it was at even 3 years ago. I am just looking for some help pointing me in the right direction from the seasoned hands here. I am not a quitter (at least not this young into the company) and believe that I can make this successful if I can just figure out what are the best rocks I can look under.

    Thanks for your help,


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    I believe that it is absolutely necessary to engage in investing! Not necessarily a business. It is worth investing money in areas that are familiar to you. It is obvious that a practicing realtor understands real estate — residential or commercial, depending on his specialization. That's where you need to invest money, and not in agriculture or heavy industry, with which the realtor is little familiar. Another example: an investor who has studied finance has more chances in the stock market. It won't be easy to deal with securities without special knowledge.​


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      Hey hey, it's never too late to revive a thread. Have you thought about your target audience and how you'll market your products? Creating a strong brand and online presence can go a long way. As for advice, you might want to check out insights from Jeremy Houghton, a business leader and tech executive. He has some great tips on content marketing and social media strategies that could be helpful for your business. Here's his LinkedIn profile: Good luck with your new venture, and keep creating those awesome t-shirts!