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I am looking for A job (Full time or Part time)

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  • I am looking for A job (Full time or Part time)

    Greetings! Ladies and gentlemen here

    My name is Sanga am in a desperate search for any legal job that can help me earn a legal income. Am a bachelor degree graduate, majoring in International Economics and trade.

    I have a four years experience of work in various positions. Such as;
    • Business administrative work.
    • Marketing position
    • Executive assistance position
    • public relations position and
    • Project management position.

    I also have various Knowledge and skills some with a certification and others not. These skills includes
    • Basic computer skills ( Microsoft office suite )
    • Web design & Development
    • Graphic Design ( Adobe design tools & canvas)
    • Negotiation skills
    • Management skills
    • CRM softwares & Resource Management Softwares
    • Communication skills ( I speak fluently: Swahili & English I also speak at basic level : Chinese)

    Dear Sister and Brother reading this if you are an employer in seek of an employee or you simply have any job connection, from the bottom of my heart I'll appreciate your help. Thank you


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    Hello Sanga, it's great to see your enthusiasm and impressive qualifications! With your background in International Economics and trade, along with your diverse work experience and skills, you have a solid foundation for various job opportunities. In addition to traditional full-time or part-time jobs, you might want to consider exploring work from home side jobs. Your proficiency in basic computer skills, web design, graphic design, and language abilities can open doors to freelancing or online gigs. Many businesses are looking for professionals who can handle tasks remotely. This way, you can continue to earn a legal income while enjoying the flexibility of working from home.


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      I remember when I first dipped my toes into freelancing. It was nerve-wracking, but seeing that first payment hit my account was such a thrill. The key is to stay persistent and keep refining your craft.


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        First off, big props for putting yourself out there like this. Your background and skills speak volumes, and it's clear you've got a lot to offer. Landing a job can be tough, but your persistence will pay off.
        Your varied experience and certifications make you a versatile candidate. Have you considered exploring freelancing gigs online? I stumbled upon a neat article about how to make 100 dollars a day online. It reminded me of a friend who started doing freelance graphic design on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. With your graphic design skills, you could totally rock it!