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MT:Had first ever bujinkan class- initial thoughts

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  • MT:Had first ever bujinkan class- initial thoughts

    Had first ever bujinkan class- initial thoughts By combatisshinryu - 07-30-2013 05:21 PM


    So my MA background has been primarily judo, bjj, and isshinryu. Saw a buj training group and went to a class. Definitely different from what I am used to. I see potential in the training and am actually attracted by some of the more esoteric aspects. That being said, I think that along the way somewhere the bujinkan practitioners de-emphasized certain aspects of training that i feel impact the effectiveness.

    First is physical attributes. I believe the system used to emphasize "junan taiso" which I believe was physical attribute training. The training I see in most videos has an aikido like feel to it. The training I see that I like the best so far is the AKBAN folks.

    I plan to continue training to see if it is a good fit for me but I certainly can see where I would need to do alot of training on my own with the techniques outside of the buj class to bring in an element of intensity.

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