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    I have got a few questions regarding Twilio Flex and if these things are possible or if there are better solutions out there. I really like the simplicity of Twilio Flex and want to make it our main CRM system. It’s for a rental business with a few agents (1-3) All communications Call, SMS, Webchat and if possible email should end up on one screen and can be answered. I already set up Call, SMS and Webchat.
    • Is there a way to save and show all the history of communications in Flex? After completing each call or SMS it’s just gone, and I don’t know how to get it back within Flex. I know it’s saved in the Twilio logs but for agents it would be nice to have a database of some sort to go through all communications.
    • Does Twilio offer its own CRM software? What I want is to be able to create contacts when a call comes in and attach the call history and SMS history.
    • Create Reminders or Task within Flex
    • I’ve been thinking about Hubspot free CRM in case Twilio doesn’t have it’s own CRM
    • Can I send out SMS using Flex? Kind of like the dial pad where I can just call a number?

    Thanks in advance! Oliver

    I’ve tried Freshdesk, Zendesk and pretty much everything out there but not happy at all, constantly switching screens and going back and forth.

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    Twilio Flex is a great choice for your rental business CRM system. It's really user-friendly and works well with different communication channels. To keep track of all your communication history in Flex, you can use Twilio's TaskRouter API to save and retrieve data. When it comes to task management software for small business, you might want to check out options like Trello or Planfix. And yes, with Twilio Flex, sending out SMS is a breeze. It's as simple as using a dial pad.​