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  • Modern Family season 1-4 dvd box set

    There's already been a wedding and a birth this season on Modern Family season 1-4 dvd box set so perhaps it's only fitting that Modern Family season 1-4 dvd box setwill sign off with a death.
    According to ABC News, actor Ed O'Neill, who plays patriarch Jay Pritchett on the show, said the sitcom's season finale "involves a death, which doesn't seem like it's funny, but it's a very funny show, and it's a very touching show."
    Modern Family season 1-4 dvd box set took fans to a Florida funeral for its fourth season finale, and in the process, the episode's retirement community setting paved the way for some awesome old-school cameos.
    On the Modern Family season 1-4 dvd box set episode, she was a mama again -- well, almost. Phil's mom's dying wish was for her husband to find love with that nice lady around the corner: Gillette's character, Annie Fitzsimmons. Hello, pseudo stepmom! (Let's hope she can make a mean casserole.)
    So far on this season of "Modern Family," there's been a wedding, a bowling tournament, a college reunion, a golf-off, a birth, and a 65th birthday -- as well as the return of alter egos Clive Bixby and Juliana. There's also been guest stars galore: Everyone from Elizabeth Banks to Matthew Broderick has guested, and Billy Dee Williams even made a hilarious cameo. With five episodes to go before the Season 4 finale, here's what to expect on the Emmy-winning comedy.
    Modern Family DVD Box Set became the sixth highest-rated scripted show in America among adults between the ages of 18 and 49, and the third-highest rated new show.