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    When is Black Friday 2016 and where can you find the best deals?

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    Hand tremors refer to a disorder associated with our central nervous system.

    They result in involuntary shaking actions which mean that you do not have that intention.

    Besides hand, they might occur to other body parts, namely, legs or even head. Causes

    Despite the development of medical technology, scientists are still uncertain about the causes of hand tremors.

    However, they might be related to the malfunction of the brain’s part which is responsible for controlling muscles.

    Genetics have a big say over hand tremors because it is likely to experience it if another family member suffered.

    Scientists also concluded stress is also what causes hands to shake. And stress might come from exhaustion or simple emotional imbalance.

    Some external causes of hand tremors include sudden changes in the temperature. Use Lemon Balm to treat

    Lemon balm has calming effects on our brain cells. As a result, it can serve to relieve nervous tension and problems, such as headache or stress.

    Therefore, lemon balm is one of the most effective natural remedies for tremors in hands.

    More importantly, it is suggested that the combination of lemon balm and other herbs, for example, valerian, will be even more beneficial to deal with finger shaking.

    You had better make it into tea and consume the tea a few times on a daily basis, especially before you go to bed.