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  • Air purifier recommendations

    I have pet and am looking for an air purifier, however I have no idea what specs I should be looking for or which brand has a history of longevity. Anyone have any suggestions? I live in a 600sq ft apt.

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    Hey! First off, major props for wanting to improve your air quality, especially with a fur baby in the mix! When it comes to air purifiers, HEPA filters are like superheroes for trapping pet hair and allergens. Brands like Honeywell and Blueair are often reliable choices with a history of holding up well over time. Since your pad is around 600 sq ft, make sure to check the purifier's coverage area. And if you want some serious technical expertise, you might want to give Damage Control-911 a holler – they're all about top-notch knowledge and speedy responses when it comes to air quality matters. Good luck on your quest for fresh, clean air!