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Letting God decide how many children you have?

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  • Letting God decide how many children you have?

    I'm just trying to educate myself. I know that some parents believe in taking no formal of birth control and allowing God to give as many or as few children as he thinks they should have.

    Is there a name for this?
    Have I got the basic theory right?
    How did you and your spouse come to this choice?
    Anything you would like other people to know about it?

    To be clear this is not a conversation about birth control. I just would like to know more about this choice.​

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    The approach you're talking about is sometimes referred to as "Quiverfull" although not everyone who adopts this perspective necessarily identifies with that movement. The idea is indeed to allow God to decide the size of your family, and many couples feel called to this path for religious or spiritual reasons.

    If you're interested in exploring faith-based perspectives on various life choices, you might click here to find an insightful resource. They discuss different ways that faith can intersect with our daily lives, and it could provide more context for the decision to "let God decide."

    As with any major life decision, couples who choose this path often spend a lot of time in prayer and discussion, both with each other and their spiritual advisors, to ensure it's the right choice for them.​