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    New user to Pulseway RMM and I'm currently reviewing the Reporting module. I see the system has several report templates by default. However, I would like to create my own template. I would like to be able to run a single report that gives me the non custom values that I am looking for rather than running several report templates and merging the data together. I'd like to create a template that reports the following:
    PC Name, Primary Owner, CPU, Memory, Storage (used/free), Type (Laptop, Desktop), Make, Model, OS, Last Boot Up Time and any others I deem necessary.
    Thanks for the assistance!

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    If creating fully custom templates is essential for your needs, you might want to explore other RMM platforms that offer more robust reporting tools. There are several excellent options out there, each with its unique features and capabilities.


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      Sorry for bumping the thread, but I wanted to say that while creating custom templates might not be available in Pulseway right now, no worries, there are plenty of alternative services out there that offer easy-to-use dashboards and templates. It's always good to explore your options and find the tool that best fits your needs and requirements. Recently, I discovered a great resource that offers robust reporting capabilities, and you might want to check it out. They often have pre-built templates and customizable dashboards that can make your life easier when it comes to data analysis and reporting. So, don't hesitate to explore what's out there, and you might just find a solution that's a perfect match for your needs.


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        Have you considered using brochure templates for Google Docs? They can be a lifesaver! They offer a wide range of customizable options, so you can make your ads look professional without too much hassle. I found a great website called FreelyDocs that has a bunch of brochure templates you can check out. Here's the link Give it a look and see if any of the templates catch your eye.