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    how would I go about offering private lessons in martial arts to earn some extra money?

    I was concidering creating a website in which people can schedule a date and time and make payments online.

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    I would first of all put up flyers in your gym that you train at and offer classes at times they do not offer, with their permission of course. This way people will know that the gym your advertising in trusts you as competent enough to teach and will encourage people to check out your services. Also, if you train in a large group of people at a gym, be outstanding in everything you try, people will notice and most probably will ask for your help. Just casually drop in while talking that you offer personal training. But most importantly, make sure you know what you're doing! Else you risk destroying your reputation and any future clients.


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      I've earned extra money over the years. I find that being in the phonebook, and having a website are your best marketing tools. Also, I find that business cards work better than flyers because they are more readily available. You can check out my website if you want to get some ideas.


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        you could start off by putting up flyers in different stores.
        then maybe offer a free self defense course to start things off. Alot of times the news papers will advertise for free if you do some sort of course for free. giving up one day to do some free training is usually well worth it. But when you do the training, then the participants should be giving some sort of pamphlet about your program and what you ahve to offer.


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          Thanks for sharing lots of information.

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            1. Are you with an established school?
            2. Use (free) to use to schedule lessons online as well as charge for them. But it won't replace a good website.

            let me know if you need any more help.



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              what i've been doing is. I do a free self defense course. I usually do that 3 or 4 times a year. I also put up flyers a few times a year, when I get someone that calls about the class, then I give them a gift card for 4 free training days. The main thing is getting them in the door and seeing what you teach and what you have to offer.