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Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & BJJ Forum
Discuss the extremely effective art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Holds-Barred and Mixed Martial Arts with experts worldwide.
Topics: 27,692 Posts: 121,574
27,692 121,574
UFC News (17,250/17,711)
Jeet Kune Do Discussion Forum
Gain insight into Bruce Lee's concepts and philosophies of the martial arts.
Topics: 2,161 Posts: 22,263
2,161 22,263
Thaiboxing and Kickboxing
The official discussion forum for the Thaiboxing Association of the USA. Discuss the latest training methods and events in the world of Thaiboxing and Kickboxing.
Topics: 3,639 Posts: 30,453
3,639 30,453
Filipino Martial Arts
Martial artists can discuss the Filipino Martial Arts with practitioners worldwide.
Topics: 1,768 Posts: 11,496
Last Post: Spyderco P'kal
1,768 11,496
Women's Self-Defense
Do you teach Women's Self-Defense? Are you a woman in search of defensive techniques? Join in on the discussion!
Topics: 594 Posts: 6,015
594 6,015
Boxing Discussion Forum
Find out about the recent happenings and events of boxing or gain insight into the training techniques and methods.
Topics: 4,220 Posts: 11,368
4,220 11,368
Boxing News (3,158/3,274)
Wrestling Corner
Discuss International (Freestyle and Greco), Collegiate and Highschool Wrestling.
Topics: 54 Posts: 616
54 616
by owin
Chinese Martial Arts
Martial artists can discuss the Chinese Martial Arts with practitioners worldwide.
Topics: 1,125 Posts: 24,589
Last Post: Dao De Jing
1,125 24,589
Japanese Martial Arts
Martial artists can discuss the Japanese Martial Arts with practitioners worldwide.
Topics: 1,266 Posts: 13,238
1,266 13,238
by qhrehf1
Ninjitsu (491/1,232)
Korean Martial Arts
Martial artists can discuss the Korean Martial Arts with practitioners worldwide.
Topics: 587 Posts: 8,986
Last Post: WTF tenets
587 8,986
Indonesian Martial Arts
Martial artists can discuss the Indonesian Martial Arts with practitioners worldwide.
Topics: 83 Posts: 614
Last Post: Silat Mubai/Sheraf
83 614
by vorcy
Kenpo / Kempo / Kajukenbo
Kempo (Kosho Ryu, Ryukyu), Kenpo, American Kenpo and Kajukenbo
Topics: 909 Posts: 1,103
909 1,103
Urban Street Combatives/R.B.M.A.
Not specific to any one style of martial arts, this forum deals with tips, techniques and training for real world survival. Reality Based Martial Arts (R.B.M.A.) are discussed.
Topics: 541 Posts: 11,468
541 11,468
by K-Force
Fitness, Nutrition and Training Forum
What's the best way to get in shape? What are the best supplements? Find out on our Fitness Forum.
Topics: 1,446 Posts: 12,340
Last Post: Food & Training.
1,446 12,340
Mental Training Techniques and Psychology of Fighting
There is much research substantiating the effectiveness of mental training. Learn how to maximize your performance with your greatest weapon of all - your mind...
Topics: 220 Posts: 3,197
Last Post: training alone
220 3,197
Running a Martial Arts Business
Looking for a great idea to boost your business? Learn how to run your school successfully with advice from experienced school owners.
Topics: 217 Posts: 1,298
217 1,298
The Business of Personal Training/Private Lessons
Whether you're a personal fitness trainer or a martial artist offering private lessons, this forum is about ideas to make your business grow.
Topics: 35 Posts: 137
35 137
Discussion Forum Feedback and Help
Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the discussion forums. If you are having problems, need browsing tips, have spotted a bug, or have a suggestion for a new feature, this is the place to be.
Topics: 130 Posts: 573
130 573
Hosted Forums
Hosted Forums Support
How much does it cost to host a forum on for my school or business? How does it work? This and other questions are answered here.
Topics: 2 Posts: 2
Last Post: Hosted Forum FAQ
2 2
Tim Mousel
Jeet Kune Do Unlimited Instructors Only
An exclusive forum for the Instructors of Burton Richardson's Jeet Kune Do Unlimited. A password is required to participate.
Topics: 40 Posts: 164
40 164
Tracy G
by Tracy G
Jeet Kune Do Unlimited Members Only
An exclusive forum for the Members of Burton Richardson's Jeet Kune Do Unlimited. A password is required to participate.
Topics: 129 Posts: 567
Last Post: t- shirts
129 567
Introduce Yourself!
Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your martial arts background, hobbies, career and any other information we may find interesting.
Topics: 1,016 Posts: 3,962
1,016 3,962
Open Access
Anyone can post here. No username or password required!
Topics: 2,069 Posts: 26,643
2,069 26,643
Seminars and Events
Have an upcoming seminar you'd like to announce? Looking for a seminar to participate in?
Topics: 575 Posts: 896
575 896
Questions & Answers
Get your questions answered here Yahoo style!
Topics: 31 Posts: 100
31 100
Burt Offerings
Burton Richardson writes a monthly column for Inside Kung Fu. This forum serves as a meeting place to discuss ideas presented in Burton's column. Your questions or comments will happily be answered by Burton.
Topics: 53 Posts: 341
53 341
MSDA Academy News
This forum is for the students at Mousel's Self-Defense Academy. Open discussion is encouraged and is a great way to keep updated on announcements.
Topics: 70 Posts: 153
70 153
Sensei Saki
Get advice or just come chit-chat with Sensei Saki, our very own Artificial Intelligent Bot! Do not enter if you are under 18.
Topics: 122 Posts: 6,778
122 6,778
Tactical Military and Law-Enforcement Training
Please do not post operational details of current or past missions that could compromise the people on the ground right now. This is not a forum for the discussion of current doctrine, but for the exchange of training ideas that will give US soldier
Topics: 494 Posts: 4,552
494 4,552
Moderators Forum
This forum is available only to moderators of
Topics: 17 Posts: 40
Last Post: Buy, sell, trade?
17 40
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by Guest
Martial Arts Books
Custom selection of mixed martial arts and Jeet Kune Do books from Amazon.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
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