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  • Hosted Forum FAQ

    What is a “Hosted Forum”?
    A Hosted Forum is a discussion area that we maintain for you on our server.

    Why would I host on your forum instead of getting my own?
    To run a large forum you'll need a dedicated server which does not come cheap. Also, you'll need to purchase a yearly license to run the bulletin board software. Then factor in the technical aspects of keeping the server trouble free, software upgrades, adding modifications and special features. It can be quite time consuming. All of that is taken care of for you and at a fraction of the price. It's really a great deal! Also, gets nearly 300,000 visits per month. That's a lot of exposure for your school or business!

    What do you provide me?
    We provide the following:
    - Storage space for your posts on a high-speed dedicated server
    - No limits on bandwidth or data transfer
    - No Popup ads
    - Highly modified BBS software with all features (except HTML posting) available to your members.
    - System maintenance and technical support.

    What do I provide?
    You provide the members, and are responsible for moderating your area. staff will not police your area. The exception is that our Admins reserve the right to remove any content deemed illegal or pornographic, or otherwise damaging to

    Can I change the look of my area?
    Yes, for a small fee, we will be happy to customize the area for you. We call this ‘branding’. We can replace the logo with your own, change the color scheme to match your preferences, and so on.

    Can I have more than 1 forum?
    Yes. We can easily set up sub-forums to further organize your discussions.

    What moderation powers do I have?
    You have full moderation control. You can edit, open, close, delete, split, merge, stick and unstick threads and posts. You are in control!

    What about banning a user?
    Banning is a little more complex at the moment. If it becomes necessary to ban someone, please contact an Administrator and we will work with you to take care of the problem. We hope to have a selective ban feature in place in the near future.

    What privacy options do I have?
    By default, the forums are open to the public.
    Other options are:
    * Private, password required
    * Public viewable, must be member of private group to post
    * Private. Must be member of private group to read and post.
    You, as forum moderator will have control over who is authorized to view your forum.

    What about profanity?
    All areas of are covered by our profanity filter. This is a site-wide filter, and not modifiable for specific forums.

    What are the costs involved?
    $199 / year for a single forum
    $15 / year for each additional sub-forum
    $75 one time fee to ‘brand’ your area.

    What do I need to send you to get started?
    A Title for your area, a description (up to 5 lines) , and a banner if you would like one. We would also need to know which user(s) should be assigned as moderator(s) for your area. Your area will be setup within 48 hours.

    What payment forms do you accept?
    PayPal, Check, Money Order, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express.

    Whom do I contact?
    You can E-mail Tim Mousel at
    You can also send a Private Message to Tim Mousel