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    Hey there,

    I'm offering Private Lessons in Traditional Jujitsu. Just go promoted to 3rd Dan. Check out my site if you are interested. Kids welcome. :: Self Defense Training, Jujitsu Training, Black Belt Training, and More!

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    Tom, happy holidays! Congrats on the promotion. Last January I closed the traditional school/ gym and opened a smaller more cost effective private studio. I wish I had done it years ago! God luck with the privates, that's all I teach now, the students love it and I'm really grooving on it to. I don't miss the group classes at all and I find the closer teacher student bond helps with student retention. I've been attracting serious adult students who were once in the martial arts or always wanted to learn, but they were turned off by big group classes as an adult beginner. One class a week I'll run a semi private for a few of my students from the old gym, I also do an invite only seminar once a month on a topic or skill set of my choice. I'm having fun again with teaching. I'm always looking for new ideas, any input appreciated. Hey have a great New Year, Brian