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Reason for Cur. Tape discount?

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  • Reason for Cur. Tape discount?

    Is the reason for the 50% discount on curriculum tapes that the new tapes will soon be published?

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    Burton is out on a seminar tour right now. I will answer this, but please remember I don't speak for Burton. The tapes are discounted I believe because the new series is already out. It is on his web page. I don't recall the name of the series off of the top of my head bu they are out.

    On a side note I know the people that did the filming for the tape series and they say the tape are top notch with great material. They also say they had a great deal of fun making them.


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      I mean the new curriculum phase-videos, are the new vids about the new curriculum phases? That would explain it, yes. But I thought the new videos were just new videos and not about the phases. * must check this out * Thanks.

      EDIT: Hmm.. I checked the website and nowhere did it say that the new dvd's are the new curriculum videos. I am confused.


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        The Science of the Fight are the new curriculum videos.


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            Thank you for sharing the reason for this cur. tape discount here. I want to know why the iconic discount code was put out. This discount code was one of the best that I've used.