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JKD & the disabled participant

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  • JKD & the disabled participant

    In the world of Jeet Kune Do, exactly how dangerous is JKD for one to participate in JKD training if they already have several physical disabilities, including knee damage, herniated disks and traumatic brain injury?

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    I am maybe not the one who should answer this, but I would adapt my training to the problems I'd face, find ways that can keep the training to a decent level of realism without being too harmful and dangerous.
    It is, I would say, what works in a determinate situation. Better said than done, I know, that's why I would plan the training session carefully, like defining the do's and don'ts and find somebody I can trust to train with.


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      One of Guro Inosanto's student's has physical impairments and has developed a way of teaching the arts for people with disabilities.

      If you look on the Inosanto website there is a section on it containing articles etc.


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        Here is a video with some of the "dif-abled" (we all have different abilities) guys working to functionalize their training. Get clearance from your doctor before doing any training, though, to be sure.



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          Nice work on the video Burton. Sadly my impairments/disabilities as quite different. I can walk with little problem. In fact last hiek I did was 9.7 miles in 3-1/2 hours. Very slow compared to walking on a track or sidewalk, but I was on a 4x4 road for most of it (worst part was the last section of the hike on a paved road, and that tore my feet, knees and back up).


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            I sent a PM. If you can walk you can probably train very lightly with resistance. The key to developing fighting skill is training with resistance!