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  • Some Wing Chun Videos

    Hi everyone,

    Here are some clips from SiFu Lee's July 29th Wing Chun Open House. These videos are intended for your consideration only. Whether you like/dislike, I think its useful to see different approaches for your reference/research.

    1. Basic Premise of Wing Chun
    2. SiFu Lee's take on No Retreat in Wing Chun
    3. Answer to defending Knife attack
    4. Presentation on Wing Chun Forms
    5. One example of Power training

    Of course, if you have any questions, let me know, or you can contact my Lee SiFu directly via [wingchunnyc]AT[gmail DOT com] . He's very good with his email and has been corresponding with WC practitioners for years.

    Enjoy/debate/laugh/ignore/question as you see fit


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    I like this sifu, he is realistic and has an open mind. This is how it should be, but unfortunately when most people think about WC they think about the unbeatable style filled with secrets and unbeatable techniques, that's the way the EWTO presents its WC.
    Thanks for the clips.


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      Structure and Kwan Sau

      Here is another >> clip << lecturing on Structure and Kwan Sau.


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        You have any fighting clips? Sparring clips?