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Video: Fajin in the Spirit of Yang Tai Chi

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  • Video: Fajin in the Spirit of Yang Tai Chi

    Master Wei-Chung Lin, a disciple of the Yizungyue School and the Chief Instructor of the Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association in Skokie Illinois, demonstrate Yang style Tai Chi fajin exercises based on Shian Tian Jin Fa (or The Pre-Heaven Power Method). Section One of the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan traditional form follows.

    When you watch Part 1, please note that what is shown in the video are training exercises, not fighting scenarios!!! The practitioner is supposed to learn something from practicing these exercises with a certain amount of cooperation from the partners.

    The major objective of these exercises is to measure the quality and power of the fajin movements after standing-stake training. Therefore, in most situations, the partner is requested to stay rigid and not try to yield. In other words, the person being thrown is live weight, much like a heavy punching bag. Following this protocol, the reaction of the partner faithfully reflects the efficiency of the fajin movement. If you are interested in examples of applications on resisting opponents, please watch our videos on Bagua and Xingyi in this forum.