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  • IMAF Philippines website launch

    The late Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas formed the Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines in 1972 before leaving for a global promotion of Arnis, entrusting the art to a student from his family circle to continue it in the Philippines.

    The foundations of IMAFP were planted as far back as 1997 when Grandmaster Remy Presas instructed his former student, Master Cristino Vasquez, to organize with his old and new students and establish the International Modern Arnis Federation in the Philippines. The development process culminated in 2000, when GM Remy Presas inaugurated the first IMAFP Board of Directors and officers.

    During the years between 1997 – 2001, Grandmaser Remy Presas returned several times to the Philippines to establish the New Modern Arnis Club of the Philippines, which later became the International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines (IMAFP). During this time, he sought to renew ties with his former students and colleagues. More importantly, he used the rare and precious time during these visits to teach new students and develop them into new leaders.

    To learn more about the International Modern Arnis Federation of the Philippines you can visit their website which was launched today.

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    Thanks for the info. Being a Modern Arnis practitioner currently living away from any schools, it's good to still feel like im "in the loop". Do you think this will do anything to unite the factions of Modern Arnis in the United States?


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      I'm not sure how IMAFP will be recieved by the Modern Arnis organizations in the U.S., but IMAFP does have plans to organize a North American chapter that will include Canada and the United States.

      IMAFP was created, by Grandmaster Remy and his most senior Masters in the Philippines, with the intention to unite all Modern Arnis practitioners worldwide.


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        According to the websight, some of the biggest names in modern arnis are represented in this organization. I really hope this helps to reunite all the factions here and cool off some of the bad blood. If the professor knew all the crap that's happened since his death, he'd be rolling over in his grave. For me personally, I switched orginazations a couple of years ago to Doce Pares Escrima-escrido because I got tired of having to deal with all the crap and training coming second for everyone. GM Cacoy Canente has some really good stuff, but no one will ever replace Remy in my heart.
        Mahalo, Jeremy


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          I agree with you. Grandmaster Remy would be very disappointed with the current state of Modern Arnis. I'm glad that the Masters in the Philippines are around to provide the Modern Arnis community with the guidance that it so desperately needs.


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            For those who are interested in joining the North American chapter of IMAFP, Guro Jay Deleon 4th Degree (Lakan Apat) is in the process of gathering contact information from any Modern Arnis practitioners in Canada, America, or Mexico.

            He has been appointed the commissioner for IMAFP North America by the IMAFP council of masters in the Philippines, and is coordinating his efforts with Master Dulay and Dayang Edessa Ramos. He studied under Master Godofredo Fajardo in the Philippines and Grandmaster Remy Presas.

            His email address is


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              For more information, and to get an application form to join IMAFP via email, you can contact the IMAFP International Representative Edessa Ramos her telephone/Fax number is 0041 1 850 5101 and her email address is .



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                Dayang Edessa Ramos heads the IMAFP Switzerland Chapter, and is in constant contact with the IMAFP Masters who have been touring Europe in their efforts to promote Modern Arnis.

                The IMAFP Switzerland website URL is where you can find updates on the locations of IMAFP supported seminars and events in Europe.