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DBMA Kali Tudo (tm) Training Camp Feb 6-7

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  • DBMA Kali Tudo (tm) Training Camp Feb 6-7

    Woof All:

    I am delighted to announce a DBMA Training Camp dedicated to our "Kali Tudo" (tm) subsystem to be held in the very agreeable South Bay area of Los Angeles (about 9 miles south of LAX Airport).

    For those of you who live in colder climes allow me to offer for your consideration that there are worse things to do on a February weekend than to go to the beach and watch the girls roller skate after a day of training. :-)

    Joining me in the teaching will be world class MMA Wrestling coach Kenny Johnson. I know Kenny via Rigan Machado. Kenny was the MMA Wrestling Coach on Team Noguiera on TUF. He coaches Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Lyoto Machida and others of that ilk.

    We got to know each other when I asked him for a lesson to help me with certain wrestling based questions I had:

    a) a wrestling hold we use in DBMA that we call "the Rico" because I learned it from Rico Chiaparelli during my days at the RAW Gym; and
    b) my terrible underhooks.

    Kenny was very intrigued by what I was doing and we began light sparring and exchanging knowledge. This has continued. A month or so ago he came by my Monday Kali Tudo class and we taught together. (The class was video-ed and may well appear in a DBMA Vid-lesson and/or the upcoming DBMA DVD: "Kali Tudo 3")

    The Adventure continues!
    Guro Crafty

    PS: As always, our 25% military discount and 10% LEO discount apply when the soldier/officer is paying out of pocket.

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    Rough Draft of upcoming newsletter

    Woof All:

    As some of you may have noticed, I enjoy naming things in a way I find
    humorous. For example, in our "Kali Tudo" (tm) subsystem a particular
    movement is named "The Dracula" (see our first KT DVD for an intro to this

    In this regard, this past weekend I named a particular Dracula-based
    combination as "Dracula brings the stake, hammer, and cross." The stake is a
    particular uppercut (often done as a bolo punch) followed by a hammerfist
    and a cross. Rhythmically it is a triplet and it is devastingly
    effective-- as the saying goes "No brag, just fact." In training you must
    be careful not to rock or knock your partner out!

    Punning horrifically using the homonym "steak" for "stake" I start riffing
    about wanting your steak well done, medium, rare, or bloody , , , and
    humorously someone asked how Dracula could use a cross. I explained that
    many years ago there was a movie called "The Fearless Vampire Slayers" by
    Roman Polanski (yes the one who hides in Europe from US rape charges
    concerning drugging a 13 year old girl) which starred Sharon Tate (who was
    later murdered by the Manson family). Anyway, there is a scene where a
    vampire bursts through Sharon Tate's window and she, bosom bursting out of
    her nightie, whips out a cross and holds it towards the vampire to repel him
    and the vampire responds in a heavy Yiddish accent "Ach! Haff you gott ze
    wrong vampire!"... As Dracula I can bring the cross, unaffected by it,
    precisely because I am Jewish." Then, in an example of the strange,
    deranged erudition that runs through the DBMA tribe someone brought the
    following to my attention: Riffed
    someone else "Why did Dracula cross to the head? Because he already threw
    the stake and hammer."

    But, as I so often do, I digress , , , :-)

    Anyway, the larger point here is that it is a matter of deep fascination to
    me to see the formulaes of the Art begin to reveal themselves to me. Since
    its inception in our "Kali Tudo" (tm) DVD, the Dracula Game has continued to
    grow and to deepen into one of the most important and formidable games
    within Kali Tudo; but as fun as it can be to blow someone's mind in MMA
    sparring, the deeper point as I see it is in the reification of the promise
    of the Art to have "consistency across categories"-- that our movements are
    the same whether we know if the opponent/enemy has a weapon or not.

    In the real world there often will not be time to discern whether a furtive
    movement is the load of a punch or the access of a weapon and select either
    a response for an empty handed attack or a weapon attack. Thus we seek
    "consistency across categories" i.e. our movements are essentially the same
    regardless of the fight in which we find ourselves. In "the interface of
    gun, knife, empty hand" (a "Die Lesss Often" fight in DBMA parlance) it is
    of profound help not to need to know whether the opponent/enemy has a weapon
    in his hand in order to select the correct response. Our movement is the
    same and the quicker for not having to make that determination. In the
    split-second realities of DLO situations, this is vital! Furthermore not
    only does the Dracula work really well in MMA, it is also a fundamental
    closequarter DLO technique, including for IFWA (In Fight Weapon Access).

    In this regard I would like to mention that this winter's DBMA Training Camp
    approaches soon-- February 6-7 to be precise at the Boxing Works Gym in
    Hermosa Beach (Los Angeles) CA.

    This winter's camp will include the Dracula Game and more-- including guest
    instructor Kenny Johnson, whom I via Rigan Machado. Kenny is a world class
    MMA Wrestling coach. For example, he was the MMA Wrestling Coach on Team
    Noguiera on TUF. He coaches Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, and others of that
    ilk. We got to know each other when I asked him for a lesson to help me
    with certain wrestling based questions I had (re "the Rico" and also my
    lousy underhooks) He was intrigued by what I was doing and we began light
    sparring and exchanging knowledge. This has continued. A month or two ago
    he came by my Monday "Kali Tudo" class. We taught together and the rapport
    was really good. I think people will really enjoy this camp with the two of
    us working together.

    We know that with a camp that you must travel to us, so as we always do in
    DBMA, we are keeping our cost to you down. Subject to confirmation by our
    Vice President in Charge of Reality Cindy (a.k.a. my wife) The cost of the
    camp will be $200. The LEO discount will be 15%. For active duty service
    personel the discount will be 25% and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan the
    discount will be 50%. Anyone with combat citations, the camp will be free.

    For up to date conversation about the camp, the thread of record is
    DBMA Kali Tudo (tm) Training Camp Feb 6-7

    Walk as warriors for all our days!
    Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny


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      Its all confirmed.
      Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts

      See the thread on our forum is the thread of record.
      DBMA Kali Tudo (tm) Training Camp Feb 6-7


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        Promo Clip for Training Camp

        YouTube - DBMA Kali Tudo Training Camp Promo


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          17 people signed up already.

          Kenny Johnson came by this morning's Kali Tudo class and we worked out the outline for the Camp.

          Things are looking very good :-)


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            All 27 attendees had a fine time, as did Kenny and I.

            Our "Kali Tudo-3" DVD will be out in about one month and will be based principally around footage from the camp, as well as footage shot in Hawaii last year with the Hawaii Clan of the Dog Brothers.