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  • stickgrappling can opener choke...

    i was going to post this a q. on how to do it. but i got a reply on another forum and i thought i would share it here:

    i got a reply on a different forum:

    From: Ausgepicht
    Date: 23-Jan-02 | 04:02 PM

    Stick behind the neck, top of head under his chin, lift the stick upwards and towards you as you drive forward. Ouch!!

    Subject: RE: INFO
    From: Ausgepicht
    Date: 23-Jan-02 | 04:26 PM

    Just remembered another variation...

    If the stick is in your right hand, slip in an underhook. Put the stick under his chin, grab the other end with your left hand, DRIVE baby DRIVE!!

    Be careful no to crush your training partners windpipe!


    have fun with it and like Aus said, be careful!

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