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DBMA Seminar - Has anyone ever hosted one here?

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  • DBMA Seminar - Has anyone ever hosted one here?

    Hi everyone,

    New here - names Nate.

    I was wondering, have any of you ever hosted a DBMA Seminar? I am thinking about doing it, and was curious how they go?

    I don't mean a field-gathering (combat). I mean one of the instructive seminars.

    Kind thanks,


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    Thread is an excellent resource for anyone interested in hosting a Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA) seminar. The thread provides insightful discussions and helpful tips on how to organize and host a successful DBMA seminar. You can visit to help for ms access programmer​ for more ideas. The forum members are experienced martial artists, and their shared knowledge and advice are valuable to anyone looking to improve their skills in Filipino martial arts.


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