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    lol. And I thought I had it bad trying to kick a caffeine addiction.


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      Who says that the Russians got in space? Maybe that was a hoax too.

      And what about that dog they supposedly put up there! Just looking at the shifty eyed canine little barstard makes it clear it's a liar!


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        Blame Tom.



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          Originally posted by jubaji View Post
          Then you're not reading very carefully.

          Allow me to summarize for you:

          pUke: "Oyama is the best! He was like, not even like a human! He was super-human! Nobody today can even understand how he trained! Don't even try to think about it, 'cause you can't! Stop it! I said you can't! These professional fighters today think they're so hot, but they are nothing, NOTHING I TELL YOU! They can't even understand how Oyama trained like a superman. Here's a list of facts about him that I don't backup in any way but if you question it you are a jerk..."

          Me: "Here's a video of that 'break off the bull's horn thing. It looks pretty shady from the editing on this video."

          Garland: "You shut up! Why don't you believe? Why, WHY?"

          Me: "I didn't say I didn't believe it, why do you assume so?"

          Garland: "Shut up! You must believe! How could something like that be faked?"

          Me, not mentioning explicitly how stupendously easy it would be to fake something like that, and how frequently side show acts like that have been performed for and accepted by audiences all over the world who were largely there because they wanted to see (and therefore wanted to believe) the 'amazing' act, waiting for Garland to jump start his brain enough to at least admit that much, to no avail.

          Me: "What's wrong with you today?"

          Garland: "Who the hell are you to question? What have you done?"

          Me, not mentioning how illogical such a misdirection is in the discussion and wondering why he is getting so defensive.

          Me: "Why so defensive?"

          Garland: "270 fights! Why don't you believe that?"

          Me, not mentioning that no one had brought up or disputed the number of fights or various other accomplishments except folks driven to hysteria at the mere suggestion that the bull horn thing might not have been what it seemed.

          Me: "What the hell is wrong with you?"

          Garland: "Oh, but you believe the Gracie fight record!"

          Me, wondering where the hell that fits in the conversation and why it was brought up (several times as it turns out) by folks in a 'bull horn' frenzy - and by no one else.

          Me: "Ok, you're an idiot."

          Garland: "I'm not worshipping him! I just can't stand to have anything about him questioned in any way!"

          Me: "Uh, yeah you are worshipping him."

          Garland: "270 fights! Created new organization! Beloved by millions! Gracie! Gracie!"

          You: "Leave him alone, no one is idol worshipping. Stop being so disruptive. Oh, and 270 fights! Gracie!"

          Seems like the only way for jublowme to write more than a one line is for him to play "ad lib". What a loser. The fact that you could even spend this much time writing a post like that just mirrors how sad your life must be.


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            Sean Sherk is a modern day Mas Oyama (maybe not in the striking sense but training wise he's there, probably higher)


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              Originally posted by pUke View Post
              The fact that you could even spend this much time writing a post like that just mirrors how sad your life must be.
              Go ask one of the older children to explain to you why that's funny.


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                This thread iz fucking hilarious.. hardman,garland,uke,jubaji, funniest people in the world the way you all fight.


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                  mas oyama is a legend.