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  • Karate game - Karate Sim Online

    Dear karate fan,

    I am please to announce to you that my unique karate simulation
    game is currently up and running. The game requires nothing but a browser
    to be played. You will take control of a virtual martial artist
    and you can train yourself to perfection as well as compete
    in various leagues and/or cups to gain more fame and climb
    in the rankings. Once you have obtained the black belt you
    can also start your own dojo and teach others your wise
    knowledge on martial arts.
    I hereby invite you to take a free look by registering to
    the site: Karate Sim Online.
    I will see you there!

    Kaizah - A true karate fan

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    Thanks for the information, I will register to this site and I hope I will enjoy here.