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  • MT:I was in charge and liked it

    I was in charge and liked it By Manny - 03-25-2010 01:51 PM


    Last night sensei had to recieve the president of IKKA for my country and was unable to gave the class, sensei asked me to take charge of the class and to put my classamtes to do the warm up and calistecnics. I don't know if this was because my age (I am the oldest in the class I am 42) or because of my background as an istructor in TKD.The class consited of 4 yellow belts (include me), two purple belts (one adult and one kid) and one brown belt (a kid).

    I tought sensei would come back to the class afther the warm up but I was wrong. It seems he has to accommodate in a hotel to the IKKA representative.

    My classmates asked me what to do and I have to retook charge of the class and like it.

    We made a review of the 24 orange belt techs because we are going to have examan in a couple of weeks, I was like a fish on watter, I explained the orange belt to the kids cause they almost forgotten them and the other classmates were pleased with me giving the class.

    I have to say Hugo the most experienced brown belt my sensei has was absent in other ways Hugo would take charge of the class when sensei is not in dojo.

    I left dojo very happy because of my way of impart the class.


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