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    Service Request By Bob White - 01-30-2011 11:48 AM


    As some of you know we host an annual tournament every year www.bobwhiteinvitational for the Royal Family Kids Camp we have our event coming up soon. The help and support from our community has been fantastic and our event has grown each year. One of the many reasons for the success of our event is that it is not to put money in our pockets but to help children that truly need it. 100% of the profits go to the RFKC. We are not a Foundation where there are paid employees; we are completely a volunteer coordinated event. I believe it is more motivation for sponsorship when this is established.
    I have been asked to run the kenpo division at a tournament for the Disney Martial Arts Festival August 25th-28th. I know the tournament has a history and has not been well supported in the past by the kenpo community. I have had a meeting with our team for our event and they have agreed to participate in running this tournament. I am not doing this tournament to make money and in fact ALL of our percentage will again go the
    There will be other disciplines involved in the tournament and we will be compared to them, in how we conduct ourselves, the manor in which we run our event, and the amount of people we bring to compete. I am asking for suggestions and help. We are developing an extended team for this and we need people that want to be involved in doing something good for our art. I am not running for higher office but I am very interested in seeing kenpo looked upon as a contributor to our society. I believe through the Disney support we can get more exposure that will help schools grow and improve the necessity for children to have martial arts education. I am asking for the kenpo community to communicate with me and let me know what it would take to get them involved in this tournament. I welcome suggestions from friends and future friends from other countries, and from people throughout the U.S. I would like to hear reasons for objections to this or other tournaments. I believe we have a chance to do something very good and if we work together it can be done. We have proven with our event that when people stop thinking about what is in it for them, and instead what they can do to help, positive things happen.
    August should be a fantastic month for kenpo with great events going on throughout the month. We have the Gathering of Eagles IV at the Orleans Casino in Las Vegas August 4th-6th, John Sepulveda`s 17th Annual Spirit Camp August 12th-14th, and the Kenpo Black Belt Combat Zone in Long Beach, Ca. August 20th
    Bob White

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