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    Class Plans for March 2011 By Thesemindz - 04-30-2011 08:37 PM


    <div>I started teaching kenpo again about six months ago at a local school, and in our intermediate class we have a four month thematic rotating curriculum. We spend one month each on Ground Fighting, Street Self Defense, Sparring, and then a month of integrated drills incorporating the previous three months themes while we review for the next belt test. At the end of that month, the students test over all the material from the previous four months, except comprehensive tests which include all previous material, and then we begin again with Ground Fighting. This class consists of purple, blue, green, and brown belts.

    The following are the classes I taught during the month of March of this year when our theme was Ground Fighting. Also included are a few beginner classes I taught during this month. Our beginner class is on an eight week thematic rotating curriculum that teaches basic skills including Basic Boxing, Elbows, Clinch and Knee Strikes, Handswords, Front Kicks and Breakfalls, Side Kicks and Wheel Kicks, Rear Kicks and Roundhouse Kicks, and Backnuckle Strikes.

    Generally we teach kenpo self defense techniques on Tuesday, and kenpo patterns (sets and forms) on Thursday. The school I'm teaching at teaches a re-ordered list of American Kenpo techniques similar to the EPAK system. Many of the names are changed and some of the specific moves are slightly different, but for the most part it is an easily recognizable and roughly comprable version of the same core curriculum of techniques and patterns, anyone familiar with some descendent of Mitose style kenpo would recognize the movements. It is descended from one of Mr. Parkers black belts through three instructors now.

    Standard notation are as follows, () means general aspects or evolutions of drills and concepts. means advanced variations or ideas which students may or may not be prepared for. [] mean clarifying commentary. {} means actions taken specifically by the defender within the context of a drill. || to connote dangers, risks, or areas of special concern.

    Many strikes are referred to by abbreviations which I will try to list here. If I miss any and you can't understand through context, simply ask. Also many of the technical terms may be either foreign or mean something different to me than they do to you, again, feel free to ask if you are confused.

    Abbreviations of Terms


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