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    Class Plans for May 2011 By Thesemindz - 04-30-2011 09:59 PM


    These are the classes I've planned for the next month. In the Intermediate Class I'll be teaching my new Sparring curriculum, in the Beginner Class I'll be teaching Palms/Punches, Bob and Weave, Cover, Backnuckles Strikes, Front Kicks, Breakfalls, and Knee Strikes. At the end of the month we have a few extra days so there are three Instructor's Choice classes. The beginners will get a basic instruction in the club, because they were working on club techniques that day anyway, and the intermediates will get a few classes on street sparring, where we will begin to integrate the last three months of classes leading up to the test at the end of June. The beginner class has regular exercise activities while I've chosen to remove those from the intermediate class this month for two reasons. One, in order to make room for more technique instruction and drills practice, and two, because Sparring is a more physically exerting activity anyway I've found in the past that we will get plenty of a workout just through its practice. I feel comfortable that everyone will leave class sweaty, sore, and smiling.

    I'll begin with a few explanations of terms and notations, and then we'll get into the classes.

    Standard notation are as follows, () means general aspects or evolutions of drills and concepts. means advanced variations or ideas which students may or may not be prepared for. [] mean clarifying commentary. {} means actions taken specifically by the defender within the context of a drill. || to connote dangers, risks, or areas of special concern. Exercise activities are listed in italics.

    Abbreviations of Terms

    fk – front kick
    rk – rear kick
    ssk – side snap kick
    wk – wheel kick
    stk – side thrust kick
    ohhk – outward heel hook kick
    uhhk – upward heel hook kick
    rhk – kenpo style roundhouse kick
    rhk(mt) – muay thai style roundhouse kick
    ick – inward crescent kick
    ock – outward crescent kick
    tsk – thrusting sweep kick
    A(B) – traditional kenpo sparring technique where the student grabs the opponent's lead hand and executes a downward or outward pull to put the opponent out of position
    bks – backknuckle strike
    ihp – inverted horizontal punch
    vp – vertical punch
    ihs – inward handsword
    ohs – outward handsword
    irhs – inward reverse handsword
    orhs – outward reverse handsword
    fihs – forward inverted handsword
    phs – palm heel strike
    ubf – upper body fake
    lbf – lower body fake
    1 – push drag
    2 – step drag
    3 – drag step
    4 – front crossover
    5 – step through
    6 – rear crossover

    Also, if you see a basic with another basic in parentheses, A(B), fk(vp), that means that the drill in question could be done with either basic for the same general effect and should be practiced as an option drill.

    Finally, when a basic is underlined that means it is executed by the rear hand.

    Here we go.

    Warm Up
    Stretch (chest + arms)
    Palms and Punches (form, targeting, |knuckles and wrists|)
    Fighting Stance – Air (jab, cross, jab/cross)
    Line Drill – Air (advancing/stepping through with jabs and crosses)
    Abdominal Exercise – Bicycles in the Air (1 minute)
    Pad Drill – Form, Accuracy (jab/cross, pivoting)
    Shield Drill – Speed, Power (advancing and retreating, circling)
    Back Exercise – Forward Bend with Medicine Ball (3 Directions = 1, 5 repetitions)
    Bob and Weave – Air, Partner (form, |bend knees, not back|, )
    Cover – Air, Partner (form, tilting in/away)
    Core Exercise – Squat Thrust (no pushup, 10 repetitions)
    White – Concealing Strikes (obscure zones, rocking horse effect, opening/closing the hand)
    Yellow – Deflecting Circle (deflection, angular momentum, long range to short range)
    Orange – Ghost of the Dragon (pull down checks, chain punching, inward blocking punch)
    Inward Blocking Punches – Partner Drill (alternating strikes, circling, dynamic)
    Rocking Horse Effect – Partner Drill (with strikes, front and rear, )
    Holding and Hitting – Partner Drill (grabs and off hand strikes, switching hands, )
    Practicing Short and Long Range Strikes – Shields (fk/vp, knee/elbow, circling, dynamic)
    Technique Drills
    Kiai on Major Movements (partner drill, running lists, twice each)
    Technique Lines
    Spontaneous Activities
    Strike/Bob/Cover – Partner Drill (dynamic, instructor calling actions, )
    Cover on the Wall – Partner Drill (cover, watch for haymaker opening, blast off wall with palms/punches to centerline)

    Stretch (ankles + elbows)
    Fighting Stance (neutral bow, off/def, mobility, stability, strong line/weak line, open/closed face)
    Moving the Body (head, shoulders, arms, torso, legs, feet)
    Bouncing and Stutter Steps (in place, forward and back, |predictable rhythm|)
    Switching and Clock Concept (def/off/hop, 4 directions)
    Coversteps and Lateral Stepping (+rear coverstep, |crossing feet, opening zones|)
    Circle Walking (stalking, defensive)
    1-3 Foot Maneuvers (push drag, step drag, drag step)
    Glove Up
    Distance (elastico bks drill closed face, lean in and bks, lean out to evade, alternate, timing drill)
    Timing (partner glove flash drill, vp(fk))
    Angles (circular strike defense, in/out/up, haymakers and rhk(mt))
    Purple – Destroying the Lock (rear snap, downward heel of palm, body alignment)
    Walking Dragon (piston striking, advancing through opponent's position, linear technique)
    Green – Technique Review (3rd brown, green, facing four directions)
    Glancing Spear (crossed wrist finger trap, downward slapping check, target to weapon)
    Brown – Skipping Crane (stomping a downed opponent, skipping, framing)
    Hammerlock Practice – Partner Drill (types, walking, {striking back, stepping away}, )
    Advancing with Linear Strikes – Shields (two hand machine gun striking, changing levels, open/closed hands)
    Wrist Escapes – Partner Drill (straight, cross, cross wrist finger trap, sloughing, static/dynamic)
    Chasing a Crawling Opponent (linear, circular, dynamic, kicking and stomping, )
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Guard Positions (Traditional Wedge, Universal Defensive, Hi/Low Facing, Boxer's Guard)
    Guard Sweeps (4 Directions (up, down, in, out), slaps and hooks (hard/soft, friction/impact), grabbing and pulling (gripping, bottlenecking the wrist, anchoring the elbows and sitting in the stance))
    Spontaneous Activities
    Dynamic Guard Sweeping (hunter/prey, returning to neutral position)
    Dynamic Guard Grabbing (hunter/prey, returning to neutral position, )

    Stretch (knees + shoulders)
    Box Drill ([standing], stepping and push dragging, guard up/blocking)
    Blocking – Air, Body (set 1, from a fighting stance)
    3 Zone Blocking (traditional, fighting stance, moving)
    Glove Up
    Simple Basics – Air, Shield (fk, wk, vp/vp, bks, ihp)
    Purple – Short Form 2 (two movement combinations, stepping in to attacks)
    Green – Pattern Review (3rd brown, green, facing 4 directions)
    Coordination Set 2 (double arm movements, circular motion, superman technique)
    Brown – Two Man Set (review left side, begin right side)
    Two Step Spontaneous Self Defense (by category of attack, defend/counter, soft/hard)
    Forearm Conditioning Drill – Partner Drill (inward downward block palm down/outward block/outward downward block palm down, crashing into opponent's arm, |nerves|, light to medium contact)
    Two Hit Kenpo – Partner Drill (alternating, defend/counter, defend/counter, slow to med to fast, touch)
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    A/B Technique (pull down checks, zone coverage)
    1-3 A/B (timing, settling)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Pull Down Checks (competitive, in place to off balance and moving to reposition)
    Guard Manipulations (dynamic, guard sweeps, grabs, pull downs)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (front of legs + lower back)
    Backfalls (form, five steps, arm motions, sitting, squatting, standing/squatting, standing)
    Front Kicks – Air, Pads (natural stance, fighting stance, form, accuracy)
    Chest Exercise – Offset Pushups (10 each right and left side)
    Shadowbox with Backfalls (4 directions, hands and feet, fall on command, rise and continue)
    Shield Drills – Power (fk on shield, fall on command, rise on command, |dangers of landing from kicks|)
    Core Exercise – Medicine Ball Torso Twist with a Partner (30 seconds each direction)
    3 Person Front Kick Drill – Pressing Away ( x o x, x = shields, o = student, front kick/turn/front kick/turn, shields stepping back and in)
    Forearm Exercise – Grippers (3 directions, 30 repetitions each)
    White – Fallen Sword (marriage of gravity, block/counter, distance is your best friend)
    Yellow – Removing the Horns (tackles, strikedowns, kicking a downed oppponent)
    Orange – Pressing the Bear (front hugs, wedging, holding and hitting)
    Circling a Downed Opponent – Partner Drill (static walking an outline, dynamic circling, )
    Close Range Holding and Hitting – Partner Drill (grabs and knees and elbows, switching hands, )
    Stepping Back from Step Through Punches (step back/block, step back/block/counter, , alternating static, )
    Technique Drills
    Slow and Exactly Correct – Air (running lists)
    Techniques on the Body
    Spontaneous Activities
    Spontaneous Defense Against Front Kicks (lead and step through, stepping away, stepping aside, two strike counters)
    Kicking and Falling with Stand Ups – Shields (dynamic, fall on command, circling)

    Stretch (hips + shoulders)
    Shadowbox Basics (fk, wk, vp/vp, bks, ihp)
    First Combinations – Air (1-3 -bks/ihp, vp/bks, wk/bks, fk/vp, vp/vp, fk/wk)
    Glove Up
    First Combinations – Body (touch contact, squared off, , alternating)
    Purple – Whipping Dragon (wrapping and rebounding, downward looping wk, |back of knee|)
    Swords of Legend (stepping to the apex, horizontal wedge, |chopping at the neck|)
    Green - Technique Review (3rd brown, yellow, eyes open/eyes closed)
    Thrusting Wedge (upward wedge, clearing hands, stepping in with upward elbow)
    Brown – Brushing the Storm (clipping the elbow, outer reap takedown, kicking the groin)
    Swinging Away from Push Attacks – Partner Drill (dynamic, stepping back and away, striking as opponent passes by)
    Stepping in to Circular Strikes – Partner Drill (dynamic, sparring style, haymakers, rhk(mt), stepping in with blocks, stepping in without blocks)
    Choke Defenses – Partner Drill (shrugging and turning, wedging, striking the arms, stepping in and back)
    Holding and Kicking a Downed Opponent (grabbing the limbs of a prone opponent and kicking the body, static/dynamic)
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Counter-Punching – Air, Body (up block/ihp, in block/bks, iron crane/vp(fk), out block/vp
    Spontaneous Activities
    2 Strike Combos (sparring style, alternating, slow to med)
    Counter-Punching (hunter/prey, slow to med, each counter seperately)

    Stretch (ankles + knees)
    Footwork (1-6, triangle/hourglass/square, pivot steps (forward and reverse))
    Retreating from Strikes (partner drill, linearly, laterally)
    Glove Up
    New Basics – Air, Body (palms, hi/low hooks, handswords, rk, ssk, teep)
    Purple – Short Form 2 (straight and crooked cross)
    Green – Pattern Review (3rd brown, yellow eyes open/eyes closed)
    Coordination Set 2 (stepping forward and back with overlapping circles)
    Brown – Two Man Set (review left side, finish right side)
    Stepping And Striking – Partner Drill (in and out with strikes and blocks, hunter/prey, stepping along x pattern, then + pattern, one step at a time, then flowing)
    Overlapping Circles – Air, Partner (blocks/strikes, slow to med, in place and pivoting, advancing, retreating)
    Parrying – Air, Partner (inward, outward, overlapping parries, static, in place, dynamic, sparring style)
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Evade and Counter (defensive rk, step to open side/fk(vp), bob/hook)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Angular Evasion – Partner Drill (slow to med, sidestepping strikes, stepping away and off line of attack/in and around)
    Blocking and Angle Stepping (sparring style, hunter/prey, slow to med, light contact)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (shoulders + torso)
    Backnuckle Strikes – Air (form, outward, outward horizontal, downward)
    Backnuckle Strikes – Pads (right and left side, accuracy)
    Pad Flash Response Striking – Partner Drill (speed, for bks, hi/low targets, in place/circling, | hyperextending the elbow|)
    Leg Exercise – In Place Squats (normal, wide, superwide, 3 sets 8 repetitions each)
    Backnuckle Strike Drill 1 – Partner Drill (horse stance, overlapping checks, targeting)
    Chest Exercise – 5 Fingertip Pushups (15 repetitions)
    Backnuckle Strike Drill 2 – Partner Drill (bks/check, alternating, right and left side, in place, fighting stance)
    Core Exercise – Medicine Ball Over/Under Pass with a Partner (30 seconds each way)
    White – Provoking Thunder (half downward blocks, pivoting for range and power, timing)
    Yellow – Entrapping Bridge (mount, upa, bracing seated stance)
    Wedging Elbows (elbow wedge guard escape, swimming, stand ups)
    Orange – Sweeping the Bear (rear bearhug, rear sliding leg sweep, downward looping elbow strike)
    Twisted Fingers (walk aways, getting ahead of locks, anchoring, alternating elbows)
    Basic Ground Techniques – Partner Drill (mount/guard, moving, orange techniques on the body, alternating, slow to med)
    Stand Up Grapples – Partner Drill (basic hugs, holds, locks, from techniques, slow back and forth)
    Stepping Back from Punches – Partner Drill (stepping back with in block/out block/half down block, add hand/foot counters, alternating static, )
    Technique Drills
    Techniques in the Air (running lists, fast as correct)
    Circle of Techniques (group activity, attack person on right, going around the circle, two at a time)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Defending Backnuckle Strikes – Partner Drill (moving, hunter/prey, blocking, ,
    Checking Strikes (bks drill 2 moving, then add vp/vp, slow to med, |open hands, one stick/bundle of sticks|)

    Stretch (torso + neck)
    Glove Up
    Shadowboxing (combinations, footwork)
    Circle Walking + Mirroring (partner drills, hunter/prey, stalking + rushing)
    Evasion (hunter/prey, no contact, add blocking, )
    Alternating Combinations (sparring style, no to touch, slow to med)
    Purple – Diffusing the Kick (alternating lead and rear foot stepping, stepping to the apex, striking down and up)
    Evoking the Spirit (upward wedge, elbow/backnuckle, pulling the off hand into strikes)
    Green – Technique Review (3rd brown, orange, hard/soft)
    Darting Leaves (lateral movement, horizontal parries, horizontal pokes, targeting the eyes)
    Brown – Snakes of Wisdom (double arm wraps, head butts, switch knees, compressing strikes)
    Circular Strike Defense – Partner Drill (stepping up the circle, striking at the centerline, static/dynamic)
    Single Parries – Sparring Style (single punches, {single parries, angle stepping}, hunter/prey, flowing)
    Multiple Opponent Sticky Hands (group activity, circle, different opponent's each arm, )
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Blue Freestyle – Air, Body (1-3 -wk/A(B)/vp, wk/bks/ihp, fk/A(B)/vp, ssk/bks/A(B), 4-5 -wk/bks/irhs, ssk/ohs/A(B), fk/A(B)/ihs)
    Guard Sweep Combos – Body (down sweep/vp, up sweep/ihp, in sweep/fk, out sweep/bks)
    Kenpo Blitz – Air, Body (stepping away, circling, pummeling)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Hunter/Prey (sparring style, combinations, defending with blocks and evasions)
    Continuous Sparring (slow to med, no to touch)

    Stretch (ankles + knees)
    Review Footwork (review 1-6, angle steps, pivots)
    New Footwork (jenga, full and ¾ spins, coverouts, double coverouts, spinouts)
    Glove Up
    Kicking – Air, Shields (fk, wk, ssk, rk, teep)
    Moving and Kicking – Air, Body (5-2fk(sk), 1 up the circle/wk, in with fk, out with rk, circling with kicks)
    Purple – Short Form 2 (5 techniques, air and body)
    Green – Pattern Review (3rd brown, orange, hard/soft)
    Club Set 2 (two handed clubs, club assist stretches and warm ups)
    Brown – Two Man Set (full set, air, body, and/then timing, with timing)
    Stepping in to Punch Attacks – Partner Drill (slow to med, stepping in with blocks and counter punches, alternating)
    Spontaneous Defense by Category of Attack – Partner Drill (soft defenses (deflection and evasion), hard defenses (jamming and blocking), alternating)
    3 Hit Kenpo (and/then timing, with timing, alternating, taking over)
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Altering Timing on Simple Combinations – Air, Body (wk/bks/ihp, fk/vp/fk, bks/wk/vp, )
    Spinning Strikes – Air, Pads (form, accuracy, rk, bks)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Circle Dancing (dynamic, sparring style, foot maneuvers and spinning, no contact)
    Continuous Sparring (hunter/prey, hands only, feet only, both, slow to med, touch to light)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (hips + backs of legs)
    Knee Strikes – Air (form, lifting, thrusting, out, cross, roundhouse)
    Knee Strikes – Shields (power, circling)
    Chest Exercise – Super Slow Pushups (down and up, 5 repetitions)
    Line Drill – Air, Shields (step through knees, pressing/striking the opponent away)
    Forearm Exercise – Grippers (3 directions, 30 repetitions each)
    Clinch – Air, Body (form, control, alternating, {defenses})
    Clinch/Knee – Air, Body (switching, circling, {defenses})
    Chest Exercise – Medicine Ball Catch with Partner (pressing the ball away and catching with the hands, fighting stance, one minute)
    White – Sword of Destruction (out blocks, fallen sword variant, keeping the inside)
    Yellow – Unlocking Katana A + B (hammerlock, arm whip, pulling the opponent over, |negative body posture|)
    Orange – Spiraling Wrist (ratcheting, stance transitions, exiting strikes and combinations)
    Walking Holds and Locks – Partner Drill (down the floor, bouncer's exit, hammerlock, finger lock, locks from techniques, slow to med, {defending slowly})
    Turning Away and Striking Back – Partner Drill (static, rear strikes, accuracy and targeting, slow to med, close/{turn/strike/step away})
    Keeping the Inside – Partner Drill (fighting stance, hunter/prey, slow, circular strikes/{inside defenses, })
    Technique Drills
    Technique Option Drill – Partner Drill (2 techniques with different attacks (punch/kick, strike/grapple), alternating)
    Techniques on the Body – Category of Attack (student's choice)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Close Defenses – Partner Drill (cover/clinch/knee/push away/strike, alternating)
    3 Hit Kenpo – Partner Drill (slow, incorporating knee strikes)

    Stretch (arms + torso)
    New Guard Sweeps – Body (static/dynamic, elbow catch arm drag, waiter's tray check, digging through the guard (doggy paddle), )
    Glove Up
    Moving and Striking – Air, Shields (in with vp, out with bks, advancing with chain punches (piston striking), circling with hand strikes (palm/punch/handsword)
    Purple – Dance of the Storm (push drag away and in, double arm block, swinging the opponent with pivots, stiff arm lifting punch)
    Green – Technique Review (3rd brown, purple, flowing between techniques)
    Detour from Doom (slipping with blocks, gauging with the back foot, downward outer wrist strike)
    Brown – Dance of Death (barrel step/upward elbow, inside reaping takedown, ankle twist turnover, stomping on the back)
    Defending Circular Strikes – Partner Drill (horizontal club attacks, push drag out on the fore swing, in on the back swing, grab, pivot, release, repeat)
    Spinning Combinations – Air, Bag, Body (spinning both directions, hands and feet)
    Standing to Takedown to Stand Up – Partner Drill (striking/takedown/striking/{defend from ground/stand up}, alternate, slow to med)
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Half Step Back and Lunge/fk(vp)
    Horizontal Palms/Claws – Air
    Hands Striking – Body (striking opponent away)
    Hands Pressing – Body (leaning in, off hand striking)
    Hands Parrying – Body (pushing away limbs to cancel zones, parry to grab)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Circling the Opponent (strike to front and pivot 360 degrees, {block/parry/check and circle to closed side}, continuous, med to fast, light contact, )
    Continuous Sparring (quick rotations, touch to light)

    Stretch (hips + knees)
    Movingand Spinning (group activity, dynamic, all footwork)
    Glove Up
    New Basics – Air, Shield (stk, uhhk, ohhk, rhk, rhk(mt))
    New Spinning Techniques – Air, Body (slow to med, touch to light, spin stk, spin ohhk, rhk spin recovery, spin A(B))
    Purple – Short Form 2 (5 blocks, in/out/up/down/combo)
    Green – Pattern Review (3rd brown, purple, flowing through movements)
    Club Set 2 (basic two hand patterns, sinawali, overlapping figure eights)
    Brown – Two Man Set (clipping strikes and arm tweaks, overlapping circles)
    Circle of Double Factor Blocks – Air, Body (horse stance, fighting stance, moving)
    Sinawali Club Strikes – Partner Drill (sinawali, in place, switching, )
    Trapping Flow Drill – Body (inside/outside, passing the arm, static/)
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Kicking Guard Sweeps – Air, Body (ick/ock, fk, ohhk, rhk)
    Green Freestyle – Air, Body (1-3 -wk/bks/A(B)/vp, bks/ihp/5bks, wk/A(B)/irhs/fk, bks/spin rk, 6bks/rk/up block/ihp, 4-5 -wk/bks/ihp/waiter's tray guard sweep, ssk/6bks/rk/A(B), fk/vp/A(B)/phs, 5-2fk/vp/down guard sweep/vp)
    Circling with Combos – Body (slow to med, hands and feet)
    Kenpo Blitz to Combo – Air, Body (static, breaking with kicks and facing, then new combo or blitz again)
    Double Tapping – Air, Body (static, hands and feet, holding and hitting)
    Re-Orbiting Strikes – Air, Body (striking set, hunter/prey sparring style, defending with blocks)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Continuous Sparring (hunter/prey, med to fast, touch contact)
    Point Sparring (purpose, rules, judging, etiquette, exhibition rounds)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (club assist stretching)
    Holding the Stick (one handed, lead/rear hand, forward/reverse, sabre/hammer)
    Dropping the Stick (dropping, picking up)
    Drawing the Stick (from the belt static, while shadowboxing)
    8 Angles of Attack – Air (+, x)
    Striking with the Club – Mushin (slash/back slash/slash)
    Striking with the Club – Kime (strike/rebound/strike)
    Club Evasion – Partner Drill (slow, wide strikes, no contact, |dangers of a stick moving at 125 mph|)
    Jamming the Brandish – Partner Drill (brandish weapon/{step in/jam/}, alternating)
    White – Attacking the Kick (double factor blocking, step through kicks, position checks)
    Yellow – Barricading the Storm (club evasion, chicken kicking, |negative body posture|)
    Orange – Intercepting the Storm (stepping to the apex of a circular strike, upward crossed block, rolling butterfly wrist transfer to arm bar control, disarms)
    Spontaneous Club Defense – Partner Drill (evade/block, defend with kicks, disarm, alternate)
    Shadowboxing with the Club – Air (practicing strikes with the club and with the empty hands and feet)
    Club Evasion and Disarming – Partner Drill (slow to med, flowing, wide strikes, {step in/out/up, disarm when available/become attacker})
    Technique Drills
    Techniques Holding a Club – Air (run lists with a club in the hand, improvise, kenpo formula)
    Technique Lines – Club Attacks (slow speed, evade/engage/control/disrupt/disarm/finish)
    Spontaneous Activities
    3 Hit Kenpo with Clubs (one club in the area, one club changing hands, |controlling the environment|)
    Tiger in the Cage Against Club Attacks (all attackers armed, molasses drill)

    Stretch (knees + backs of legs)
    Jamming with Linear Strikes – Air, Body (static against haymaker/rhk(mt), fk(vp) to hip/shoulder)
    Stepping Past and Away from Strikes – Partner Drill (slipping punches, angular evasion)
    Stepping Past the Opponent – Partner Drill (step through punch, {striking and facing} return to neutral, repeat)
    Spinning out of Pull Down Checks – Partner Drill (stepping out, spin rk, )
    Glove Up
    Hip Twitch wk Defense – Partner Drill ({counter with bks}, counter with landing forward and jamming the counter-turn)
    Stiff Leg Lifting Rear Kick – Air, Body (control, alternating, against stk(fk))
    Feints and Fakes – Air, Partner Drill (lbf (high stepping, stomping, twitching), ubf (opening and closing hands, bks fake, clapping), sensory (looking away, making noise), footwork (half steps, half spins, lunging)
    Purple – Surging Dragon (sucker punches, ducking punches, downward raking middle knuckle strike)
    Green – Technique Review (3rd brown, blue, major/minor movements)
    Spiraling Twig (beginning insertions, inner wrist lock, downward flapping elbow)
    Brown – Entwined Maces (crossing the centerline, figure eight hand motion, rear striking)
    Sticky Hands Dynamic – Partner Drill (circling, changing levels/ranges, moving forward and back)
    Bearhug Defense Dynamic – Partner Drill (attack with any bearhug, hold/lift/throw, {spontaneous defense to escape}, alternate)
    Defending with One Hand – Partner Drill (sparring style, hunter/prey, defending with lead hand only, switching)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Sparring Techniques
    Sweeps – Air, Body (static, in place pulling, tsk (crossover sweep), rear sliding leg sweep)
    Kicks to the Legs – Body (control, static/dynamic, all kicks, targets, touch to light)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Sparring with Kenpo Techniques – Partner Option Drill (punch – fallen sword/penetrating the wall, kick – attacking the kick/deflecting circle, sparring style, hunter/prey, slow to med, each separately/then by category of attack/then all four)
    Continuous Sparring (controlled leg kicks, long rounds)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (hips + back)
    Close Range Basics – Pads, Body (knee, elbow, tsk, stomp, short hands)
    Glove Up
    Moving In and Out with Strikes – Partner Drill (static/dynamic, hunter/prey, closing range and backing away with hand and foot combinations)
    Fighting Against the Wall – Partner Drill (covering, blocking, sparring, moving laterally, )
    Multiple Opponents – Group on One Activity (slow long range strikes, {basic strategies (group, separate, line), evade, grab limbs and opponents, })
    Purple – Pattern Review (blue, major/minor movements)
    Green – Pattern Review (3rd brown, blue, major/minor movements)
    Brown – Long Form 4 (defending against punches and kicks)
    3 Hit Kenpo – Partner Drill (back and forth static, flowing dynamic, fighting for control)
    Linear Defense Against Punches and Kicks – Line Drill (with a partner, escaping to the wall with blocks, then driving the opponent to the wall with strikes, back and forth)
    Hunter/Prey Sparring – Partner Drill (slow to med, flowing, switching every minute)
    Street Sparring Techniques
    Holds – Body (clinch from chi sao, side hug from punch defense, arm hold from opponent blocking)
    Takedowns – Body (one leg rear sweep shearing, clinch takedowns, bearhug dragdowns)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Continuous Sparring – Karate Style (rings, no grapples, strict targets)
    Continuous Sparring – Street Style (grapples and leg kicks, walls, closets, obstuctions, multiple opponents)

    THAT'S IT.

    Those are the classes I'm teaching in May. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'm really looking forward to it. I think we're going to have a lot of fun and do some great karate!


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