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    New Sparring Curriculum By Thesemindz - 04-30-2011 09:55 PM


    <div>In 2003 I wrote the curriculum for my first sparring classes. Those class plans eventually became my black belt thesis, "Teaching Intermediate Sparring: A Progressive Curriculum." You can find it here. l=en

    For the month of April we will be focusing on Sparring in the intermediate class and so I decided to go back and completely rewrite the sparring curriculum from scratch, using my original thesis, a stack of topical books from my library, and whatever additional knowledge or techniques I've learned along the way.

    The books I referenced in this writing are -

    Infinite Insights into Kenpo Volume 5, Senior Grand Master Ed Parker
    Freestyle Sparring, Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung
    American Freestyle Karate, Professor Dan Anderson
    American Kenpo Mastery, Professor Jamie A. Seabrook
    Championship Kenpo, Steve Sanders and Donnie Williams
    Taking it to the Street, Marc "Animal" MacYoung
    Boxer's Start Up, Doug Werner
    Fencing, Joseph Vince

    Of course, everyone is free to use as little or as much of this in their own training or with their students as they like, credit not necessary. Standard notation are as follows, () means general aspects or evolutions of drills and concepts. means advanced variations or ideas which students may or may not be prepared for. [] mean clarifying commentary. {} means actions taken specifically by the defender within the context of a drill. || to connote dangers, risks, or areas of special concern.

    Many strikes are referred to by abbreviations which I will try to list here. If I miss any and you can't understand through context, simply ask. Also many of the technical terms may be either foreign or mean something different to me than they do to you, again, feel free to ask if you are confused.

    Abbreviations of Terms


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