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    Class Plans for April 2011 By Thesemindz - 04-30-2011 09:46 PM


    The following are the intermediate classes I taught during the month of April of this year when our theme was Street Self Defense. Also included are a few beginner classes I taught during this month.

    Standard notation are as follows, () means general aspects or evolutions of drills and concepts. means advanced variations or ideas which students may or may not be prepared for. [] mean clarifying commentary. {} means actions taken specifically by the defender within the context of a drill. || to connote dangers, risks, or areas of special concern.

    Many strikes are referred to by abbreviations which I will try to list here. If I miss any and you can't understand through context, simply ask. Also many of the technical terms may be either foreign or mean something different to me than they do to you, again, feel free to ask if you are confused.

    Abbreviations of Terms

    fk – front kick
    rk – rear kick
    ssk – side snap kick
    wk – wheel kick
    stk – side thrust kick
    ohhk – outward heel hook kick
    uhhk – upward heel hook kick
    rhk – kenpo style roundhouse kick
    rhk(mt) – muay thai style roundhouse kick
    ick – inward crescent kick
    ock – outward crescent kick
    tsk – thrusting sweep kick
    A(B) – traditional kenpo sparring technique where the student grabs the opponent's lead hand and executes a downward or outward pull to put the opponent out of position
    bks – backknuckle strike
    ihp – inverted horizontal punch
    vp – vertical punch
    ihs – inward handsword
    ohs – outward handsword
    irhs – inward reverse handsword
    orhs – outward reverse handsword
    fihs – forward inverted handsword
    phs – palm heel strike
    ubf – upper body fake
    lbf – lower body fake
    1 – push drag
    2 – step drag
    3 – drag step
    4 – front crossover
    5 – step through
    6 – rear crossover

    Also, if you see a basic with another basic in parentheses, A(B), fk(vp), that means that the drill in question could be done with either basic for the same general effect and should be practiced as an option drill.

    Finally, when a basic is underlined that means it is executed by the rear hand.

    These classes are the product of my training the teaching of my instructors and the knowledge I glean from the books in my library. The only parts original to me are the mistakes.

    3-31-11 Intermediate --LAST GROUND FIGHTING CLASS--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (sitting on the ground)
    Practice Escaping Mount
    Practice Escaping Guard
    Grappling for Position
    Grappling with Light Striking
    Purple – Review Blocking Set 2, Review Stance Set 2
    Green – Review 3rd Brown Sets
    Brown – Versus Set
    Techniques on the Body
    Striking the Heavy Bags from Stances (start with stance set 1, then 2, striking the bags with hands and feet)
    Blocks on the Body (blocking set 1 on the body, then blocks from a fighting stance, in place, circling, line drill style)
    Long Range Evasion (in place, dynamic, multiple attackers)
    Ground Fighting
    Gi Choke from Mount
    Double Arm Bar from Guard
    Spontaneous Activities

    4-4-11 Beginner --HANDSWORDS--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (Arms and Shoulders)
    Swordarms from a Horse Stance (blade of hand striking from the elbow, 8 angles, both hands, chopping, alternating, double hand strikes)
    Leg Exercise – Low Squatting Stances (switching, moving, lunging steps)
    Handsword Formulation (shape, theory, striking the hand)
    Handsword Strikes (traditional from a horse stance, on the pads with a partner FASP)
    Core Exercise – Mountain Climbers (30 seconds, in place)
    Inward Reverse Handswords (concept, striking the hand)
    3 Zone Blocking Drill (blocks are strikes, neutral position, from a fighting stance)
    Upper Torso Exercise – Wall Pushups Handsword Grip (20, calling down and up)
    White – Attacking the Kick (blocking kicks, step-through striking, position checks, most dangerous part of kicking is landing)
    Yellow – Twins of Fury (stop kicking, combining upper body defense with lower body offense, knees and groin as major targets)
    Orange – Triggering Phoenix (trapping, rebound energy, compound striking)
    Blocking Kicks (retreating, double factor blocking, counter punching)
    Two Hand Pushes (establishing a base and blocking, stepping off the line of attack, pinning the hands and stepping off line to throw)
    One Hand Pushes (straight and cross, rotating around the spine, )
    Compound Striking (punch/elbow, palm/elbow, head and body strikes, shield, body)
    Technique Drills
    Techniques on the Body
    Technique Increasing Intensity (in the air, 1-10)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Swordarm Fencing (slow to medium speed, hunter/prey, chopping the body)
    3 Zone Blocking Drill (static, circling, with handsword counters)
    Sword and Shield (one hand open/one hand closed, line drill with a partner, down and back)

    4-5-11 Intermediate --Defending from the Natural Stance--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (legs and torso)
    Natural Stance (shifting, guard positions, casual guard (hand on chin/arm over chest))
    Moving in a Natural Stance – Guard Up (group activity, tight quarters, add obstacles)
    Chest Exercise – Knuckle Pushups (proper form, 7 vertical, 7 horizontal)
    Staying Away (group activity, scanning, randomly aggress towards any other student, {guard up, command, }, return to neutral)
    Engaging (student a aggresses, {guard up, grab, , escaping}, alternating)
    Leg Exercise – Squats (8 normal, 8 wide, 8 superwide)
    Long Range Hands – air, shields (open hand/closed hand, jab/cross, inward/outward, upward/downward)
    Long Range Feet – air, shields (fk, sk, rk)
    Forearm Exercise – Grippers (50 forward, 50 up at an angle, 50 out)
    Purple – Tripping the Bear (compound striking, bracing angle leg check, 180 degree reverse spinning pivot-step)
    Green – Review 3rd class Brown Techniques (whole technique, hands only, feet only, whole technique)
    Brown – Destructive Fans (windmill parries, hammerfists, sweeps (in place, spinning, rear sliding))
    Basic Bearhug Defense (pin, base, wrap, small circle jujutsu, striking)
    Defense Against Straight Punches (foot maneuvers/no hands, in place/blocks and pushes)
    Foot Sparring (stepping around opponent's stance competitively, knee checks pressing )
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    Discussion – Awareness and Attitude (open the senses, environmental awareness, head on a swivel, aggressive posture, be proactive, overreact )
    Spontaneous Activities
    Ambush Defense – Sensing (circle opponent making noise, {eyes closed, listening and facing opponent})( face opponent and alternate between passive and aggressive stance, {guard up/fighting stance in response, return to neutral})()
    Ambush Defense – Hard Reactions (flinch to cover, push away, guard up/fighting stance, step off line of attack and face opponent)
    Ambush Defense – Dynamic Practice (grapples and strikes, kiai before striking, slow to medium speed, {eyes closed, open eyes in response to kiai/touch contact, cover/face/escape, }, alternating)

    4-7-11 Intermediate --Neutral Bow as a Weapon--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (legs and torso)
    Using the Guard – Concepts (wedge guard, hi/low, neutral position, targeting)
    Using the Guard – Dynamic (defending against slaps, inward/outward, hi/low, reaction drill with partner jab/cross to open hand before partner pulls away)
    Chest Exercise – Wall Pushups (10 repetitions, lower angle, 10 repetitions)
    Knee Checking (inside/outside foot position, striking knee checks alternating with an opponent , collapsing with the knee check, )
    Gliding in the Stance (foot maneuvers, switching and lateral movement, setting the base , picking up the feet and putting them down (feints, strikes, moving around obstacles))
    Core Exercise – Abdominals (15 normal crunch, 15 each side crunch, total 45 repetitions)
    360 Degree Striking – Air, Pads, Body (hands, feet, both, facing 12 and striking all directions, turning and facing as you strike, moving targets, )
    Calf Exercise – Toe Raises (against the wall, one minute)
    Purple – Kicking Set 2 (snaps and thrusts)
    Green – Review 3rd Brown Sets (club, finger, fall)
    Brown – Versus Set
    Kicking Combinations (two kicks, same target/different targets, with foot maneuvers)
    Finger Thrusts to the Torso (slow to medium speed, sparring style, hunter/prey)
    Hubud Drill (slow to medium, against punches, one parry, two parries, )
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    Short Range Hands – Shields (elbows, claws and palms, punching from the wrist)
    Short Range Feet – Body (knees, stomps, low line kicking)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Long Range No Contact (mirroring, evasion)
    Long Range Contact (push hands, sticky hands)
    Short Range Contact (pummeling, holding inside/outside position, taking the back)
    Short Range No Contact (can't touch this, slow moving evasion)

    4-11-11 Beginner --Rear Kick/Roundhouse Kick--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (back of legs and torso)
    Kicks by Rank (form, air, shields)
    Chest Exercise – Chinese (Dipping) Pushups (15 as a group)
    Step-through Kicks by Rank (line drill, in the air, with a partner holding a shield)
    Kicking with Foot Maneuvers (push drag, step drag, drag step, step-through)
    Ankle Exercise – 4 Points of Contact on the Foot (ball, heel, inside, outside, shift, hold, stretch)
    Clearing Kicks by Rank (opponent holds shield, slowly circles and chases defender, {kicking opponent away and facing the opponent in a defensive position)
    Kick Evasion by Retreating (push dragging away, line drill with a partner, circling with a partner)
    Core Exercise – Leg Lifts with a Partner (3 directions count as one, 10)
    White – Escaping the Bear (base and pin, hammerfists to 6, feeling with the foot)
    Yellow – Fallen Fury (breakfall, kicking from each hip, mule kick, step-through to stand up)
    Orange – Triggered Complexity (arm bar control, manhandling the opponent, hooking the neck)
    Basic Bearhug Defense (pin, base, wrap, small circle jujutsu, striking)
    Falling from Pushes (fall safely, kick the opponent away, stand up and escape, alternating)
    Anatomical Repositioning (dummy/leader, pressing/pulling/hooking, rocking horse effect)
    Technique Drills
    Flowing Techniques Together (running lists, in the air)
    Technique Lines
    Spontaneous Activities
    Kicking Multiple Opponent's Away (two opponents circle holding shields, )
    Kick Evasion (slow to medium speed, )
    Kick Tag (group activity, evasion, elimination)

    4-12-11 Intermediate --Stand Up Grappling--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (shoulders and wrists)
    Evasion (close range, long range, club evasion)
    Blocks from a Fighting Stance (in place, circling)
    Leg Exercise – Deep Lunges (down the floor line drill style, 2 sets)
    Cover Hi/Low (with a partner, moving)
    Defending Against the Wall (cover, block, iron crane)
    Jamming (grabbing the opponent's arms, jamming with straight punches and kicks to opponent's hips and shoulders, pressing the opponent away from front and rear)
    Forearm Exercise – Downward Claws (countergrab to claw from a horse stance, 30 repetitions)
    Horizontal Cross Body Checks (defending punches and pressing opponent back, )
    Body Slams (shields, body, jamming circular strikes gentle/hard)
    Lower Back Exercise – Swimmers (switching, increase speed, hold up)
    Purple – Taming the Bull (wrap-around arm control, forward and reverse motion, heel hook/sweep combination)
    Green – Review 3rd Class Brown Technique (holding and hitting)
    Brown – Hugging Pendulum
    Tackles (over the mats, form, to contact, evasion (Removing the Horns), to lift)
    Holding and Hitting (one hand sticky hands with off hand striking, circling and changing levels)
    Kick/Punch Combinations (hands set up feet, feet set up hands, alternating, no contact, light contact, circling, defending)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    One Hand Grabs (straight and cross grabs, wrists, clothes, hair)
    Two Hand Grabs (wrist, lapel, throat)
    5 Basic Holds (wrist and, waist, straight and cross shoulder, over and under shoulder)
    Basic Bearhugs (4 sides, arms in and out, hi/low holds)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Defensive Holds (defending pushes with bearhugs, full arm holds to the inside/outside, defensive head positions)
    Flowing from Jamming Strikes to Defensive Holds (teep to bearhug, palm strikes to arm drag)
    Jamming the Draw (grabbing and pressing the opponent's arms to his side before he can either strike or engage a weapon)

    4-14-11 Intermediate --Striking and Escaping--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (core and hips)
    Angle Stepping (up triangle, down triangle, hourglass, same patterns sideways, jenga, pivot stepping)
    Changing Ranges (forward and back with foot maneuvers, adding clearing strikes)
    Upper Back Exercise – Dead Lifts (leaning over prone opponent, grab lapels, lift with back)
    Circling the Opponent (lateral stepping, switching stances, deceptive movement, {watch the opponent's hips})
    Escaping the Engagement (coverouts, backing away from an opponent with blocks (line drill style), )
    Quadriceps Exercise – Natural Stance to Close Kneel (down and up both sides, 10 repetitions)
    Long Range Combinations – Air, Shields (feet, hands, both, double tapping)
    Short Range Combinations – Body (holding the opponent with one hand and striking with the other, hunter/prey, competitive, pummeling with strikes, two arms pivoting)
    Core Exercise – Abdominals (15 diamond crunches, 15 extended leg lifts, 15 in and outs)
    Purple – Kicking Set 2 (linear and circular kicks)
    Green – Review 3rd Class Brown Form (only hands, only feet, whole form)
    Brown – Versus Set
    Linear and Circular Kicks on the Bags (single kicks landing forward and back, kick combinations)
    Grappling Flow Drill (slow speed, position for position with a partner, )
    Elbow Sparring (strikes and blocks, combination and pivoting strikes)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    Head Control (grabbing the head by the (face, hair, ears), dipping the opponent's shoulder and turning the opponent)
    Clinch Position (one and two arms, controlling opponent)
    Holding and Hitting Short Range (dirty boxing, rabbit punching, stomps, head strikes)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Long Range Grappling (hand wrestling, sticky hands, wrist control for pull down checks)
    Grabbing and Striking Long Range (grabbing opponent from long range and holding for strikes, catching punches and kicks , holding and striking limbs)
    Kicking the Legs (slow, light contact, front kicks , by category of attack)

    4-18-11 Beginner --Elbows--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (shoulders and knees)
    Elbow Strikes – Air, Pads (in/out, up/down)
    Line Drill – Elbow Strikes (stepping through)
    Leg Exercise – Lunges and Squats (line drill style, three times down the floor)
    Elbow Strikes – Shields, Body (pressing with inward elbows, striking opponent away with rear elbows)
    Line Drill – Elbow Strikes with a Partner (stepping through against the shield)
    Core Exercise – Bear Crawls (line drill style, three times down the floor)
    Pivoting with Elbow Strikes – Pads (inward/upward, switching close kneel stances, covering the head with the off hand)
    Elbow Blocks (form, theory, from a fighting stance, from cover position)
    Chest Exercise – Pushups, 3 Grips (standard, wide, narrow, 7 reps each)
    White – Deadly Lock (headlocks, anchoring the elbows, stripping the arm and pushing away)
    Yellow – Penetrating the Wall (contouring, complimentary angles, defenses outside the arm)
    Orange – Hammering Defense (rebound energy, outward dipping elbow, body slamming)
    Pulling/Pressing off Grapples (wrist grabs, headlocks, arm drags)
    Defenses to the Outside (defending punches with blocks and stepping to the outside, , kenpo blitz)
    Defenses to the Inside (block with hands/counter with hands, step back and block/step in and counter, block with hands/counter with feet)
    Technique Drills
    Techniques on the Body
    Technique Lines
    Spontaneous Activities
    Elbow Sparring (slow speed, hi zone/mid zone)
    Striking Away Multiple Opponents with Elbows (shields, moving and circling)
    Covering and Defending Short Range to Long Range (cover, counter with elbows, step away with kicks)

    4-19-11 Intermediate --Changing Ranges and Defensive Actions--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (legs and shoulders)
    Getting Behind the Opponent (stepping around, grappling for rear position)
    Fighting Near a Wall (covering and blocking, breaking out and countering on command)
    Core Exercise – Walking in Plank Position (down the floor, 2 sets)
    Striking with Angle Stepping – Air (hands, feet, combinations)
    Defending Against 6 o'clock Opponent (using mirrors, strikes and grapples facing away)
    Forearm Exercise – Fist Wringing (arms extended, fists rocking up and down, both sides counts as 1, 100 repetitions)
    Standing Holds (nelson, chicken wing, hammerlock, walking, dynamic)
    Pinning the Opponent to the Ground (knee on stomach walking, grabbing the legs, )
    Stop Kicks (hip girdle, inside of thigh, teep/fk, sk, rk)
    Lower Back Exercise – Back Bridge Presses (upside down, hands or elbows, lifting hips up, 10 repetitions)
    Purple – Removing the Guillotine (step stair guillotine choke, checking the knee, punching to relax the choke before countering)
    Green – Review 3rd Class Brown Technique (eyes open, eyes closed)
    Brown – Fatal Deviation A (defending combination punches, sweeps, striking on the way out)
    Guillotine Choke Defense (hanging on opponent's shoulder/bracing opponent's hip, reversing the choke, )
    Techniques on the Body – Eyes Closed (beginning at Yellow belt, running lists, slow speed)
    Striking In/Striking Out (spontaneous defense by category of attack, defending, stepping in with strikes, escaping, stepping out with strikes, alternating)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    Putting Opponent on Ground (in place sweep, pushing and pulling opponent down, clinch takedowns)
    Distracting Attacks (slaps, throttles, yells)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Inside Evasion (slips, parries, head bobs, close range defensive contouring to push off strikes)
    Fighting to Escape (disengaging with blocks and evasion, creating space, stepping away)

    4-21-11 Intermediate --Hurting the Opponent--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (back and arms)
    Piston Striking – Air, Shields (same weapon repeatedly, changing targets, circling)
    Core Exercise – Crocodile Walking (plank position, same side hand and foot forward, down the floor, 2 sets)
    Machine Gun Striking – Air, Shields (switching hands, switching weapons, pressing front and rear (hips and shoulders))
    Maneuvering Around Multiple Opponents (grouping, separating, lining, )
    Chest Exercise – One Arm Wall Pushups (5 each side, slow)
    Interactive Grabs (hand to hand, arms and clothes, both practitioners, competitive)
    Sticky Hands (long range, circling, with kicks and strikes)
    Plyometric Exercise – Superstars (10 repetitions)
    Purple – Kicking Set 2 (kicking multiple targets, different levels, angles, and ranges)
    Green – Review 3rd Class Brown Sets (eyes closed, eyes open)
    Brown – Versus Set
    Kicking Multiple Opponents Away – Shields, Body (using fk, sk, rk)
    Competitive Grabbing (grabbing, turning, controlling, passing hand to hand)
    Changing Ranges – Bag, Body (long range to short range to long range with strikes)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    Vulnerable Targets (joints, organs, nerves)
    Lifts and Drops (bearhugs, bouncer's exit, double leg lift)
    Joint Attacks (strikes, hard locks)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Tiger in the Cage (by category of attack)
    Hunter/Prey (striking, grappling, {escaping})
    3 Hit Kenpo (back and forth static, seizing lead dynamic)

    4-25-11 Beginner --Side Kick/Wheel Kick--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (hips and knees)
    Fighting Stances (neutral bow, x and +, pivot stepping)
    Side Kicks (form, in place, moving, step-through kicking, shadowboxing with hands)
    Line Drill – Side Kicks Advancing (in the air, stepping through, stepping back)
    Stretch Exercise – Fronts of Legs (heel out, reaching for the toes)
    Full Wheel Kicks (knee up and pivoting, form, in place)
    Striking the Shields (kicks by rank, FASP, )
    Stretch Exercise – Backs of Legs (quad stretch, balance, horizon line)
    Line Drill – Combinations (hands and feet, kicks by rank)
    Shadowboxing (group activity, moving around the floor, combinations, no contact)
    Stretch Exercise – Groin and Lower Back (wide leg stance, shifting side to side and bending forward)
    White – Pursuing the Storm (brandishing, pinching, holding and hitting)
    Yellow – Raining Tiger (heel-of-palm strikes, claws, creating obscure zones)
    Orange – Stalking Leopard (ghost imaging, lockout striking, half fist snapping punch)
    Drawing the Club (brandishing the club, {engage and jam, })
    Covering the Eyes (practice covering the opponent's eyes, static, slow to medium speed, competitive)
    Lockout Weapons (place an energized horizontal punch on the sternum of the opponent and attempt to maintain that position, {without manipulating the arm of the opponent, attempt to strike around it }, )
    Technique Drills
    Basics Practice (pulling into elbow strikes, heel-of-palm strikes, half fist snapping punch, by rank, practiced on pads and shields)
    Technique Option Drill (two techniques from the list, alternating with a partner)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Two Step Self Defense (punch, {block, kick}, alternating)
    Spontaneous Self Defense (by category of attack, using kicks)
    3 Hit Kenpo (hands versus feet, feet versus feet)

    4-26-11 Intermediate --Street Applications--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (hips and back)
    Shadowboxing (strikes and grapples)
    3 Hit Kenpo (slow speed/touch contact, medium speed/light contact)
    Chest Exercise – Pushups (one minute, free grip)
    Long Range Evasion (slow to medium speed, hands and feet)
    Hunter/Prey – Long Range Striking (slow to medium speed, hands and feet)
    Lock Flow Drill (alternating locks, increasing intensity)
    Core Exercise – Abdominals (one minute, free form)
    Hunter/Prey – Short Range Grappling (slow to medium speed, escaping and evading without losing contact with the opponent)
    3 Hit Kenpo (medium speed/light contact, hands and feet, grapples)
    Lower Back Exercise – Swimmers (one minute, any speed)
    Purple – Eye of the Storm (stepping in to circular strikes, jamming strikes, hi/mid/low mid zones)
    Green – Review 3rd Class Brown Techniques
    Brown – Fatal Deviation B (defending combination punches, sweeps, striking on the way out)
    Mook Jong Drill (with a partner, static, alternating checks and strikes, )
    Stepping Past Opponent with Strikes (step-through punch, {defend, step past opponent with a counter strike, turn and face}, turn and face opponent, step-through punch, repeat)
    Line Drill – Punch Combinations (with a partner, step-through striking, {retreat, blocking})
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    Poison Hands (biting, pinching, finger strikes, sound attacks)
    Chokes and Strangulations (front and rear, to takedown)
    Human Shields (holding one opponent to defend against another, )
    Spontaneous Activities
    3 Hit Kenpo (medium speed, seizing lead dynamic, )
    Tiger in The Cage (spontaneous attackers one at a time, keeping human shields and throwing them off, medium speed)

    4-28-11 Intermediate --LAST STREET SELF DEFENSE CLASS--

    Warm Up
    Stretch (torso and knees)
    Shadowboxing (strikes and grapples)
    3 Hit Kenpo (slow speed/touch contact, medium speed/light contact)
    Core Exercise – Bear Crawls (down the floor, 2 sets)
    Long Range Evasion (slow to medium speed, hands and feet)
    Hunter/Prey – Long Range Striking (slow to medium speed, hands and feet)
    Lock Flow Drill (alternating locks, increasing intensity)
    Leg Exercise – Squats and Lunges (lunge, 3 squats, down the floor, 2 sets)
    Hunter/Prey – Short Range Grappling (slow to medium speed, escaping and evading without losing contact with the opponent)
    3 Hit Kenpo (medium speed/light contact, hands and feet, grapples)
    Forearm Exercise – Grippers (50 forward, 50 up at an angle, 50 out)
    Purple – Review Blue Belt Sets (blocking, stance, kicking)
    Green – Review 3rd Brown Form (facing different directions)
    Brown – Versus Set
    3 Hit Kenpo (back and forth, changing levels, ranges, targets, weapons)
    Spontaneous Self Defense (any category of attack, slow to medium speed, takedown and finish)
    Open Your Eyes Surprise (any category of attack, kiai for long range attacks)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting
    Using Checks to Cancel Zones (height, width, depth, maintaining obscure zones)
    Tensing the Body (circling a static partner striking light contact to torso, {sense, tense, and brace against strikes}, alternating, )
    Hard Takedowns (dragdown slams, throws)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Free Combat (slow to medium speed, all ranges and techniques, rotating partners)

    That's it. These classes were a lot of fun. Again, very dense. You might also notice that the first class takes place in March and is slightly different from the class I had planned to end March with. I ended the month with a review class based on where we were in the ground fighting curriculum. If anybody has any questions or comments feel free. I hope this is of some use.


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