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    Class Plans for June 2011 By Thesemindz - 06-05-2011 10:41 PM


    These are the classes I've written for the month of June. This month we'll be having our next belt test, so a significant portion of our classes will be focused on reviewing and refining our techniques. In the Beginner classes I'm covering Handswords, Rear Kicks and Roundhouse Kicks, and Elbow Strikes. We would also be covering Side Kicks and Wheel Kicks this month and I wrote a class for that as well, but we're having the Test that night so I won't actually be teaching it.

    In the Intermediate class we're going to use this month to review and integrate the three styles of fighting we have practiced over the last three months, Ground Fighting, Street Fighting, and Karate Fighting. The first few classes will wrap up the remainder of the information I wanted to cover on karate style sparring, transitioning into street style sparring and then eventually into fully integrated combat. The class themes in the Intermediate class for this month are Intermediate Combinations, Complex Combinations, Street Freestyle, Stand Up Grappling, Moving Between Standing and the Ground, 3 Hit Kenpo, Groundfighting Review, Striking from all Positions, and Contact Street Sparring.

    The test will be conducted on the last Monday of the month and will cover the techniques, patterns, drills, activities, knowledge factors, basics, ranges of combat, and lessons we've worked on over the last four months.

    Standard notation are as follows, () means general aspects or evolutions of drills and concepts. means advanced variations or ideas which students may or may not be prepared for. [] mean clarifying commentary. {} means actions taken specifically by the defender within the context of a drill. || to connote dangers, risks, or areas of special concern. Exercise activities are listed in italics.

    Abbreviations of Terms

    fk – front kick
    rk – rear kick
    ssk – side snap kick
    wk – wheel kick
    stk – side thrust kick
    ohhk – outward heel hook kick
    uhhk – upward heel hook kick
    rhk – kenpo style roundhouse kick
    rhk(mt) – muay thai style roundhouse kick
    ick – inward crescent kick
    ock – outward crescent kick
    tsk – thrusting sweep kick
    A(B) – traditional kenpo sparring technique where the student grabs the opponent's lead hand and executes a downward or outward pull to put the opponent out of position
    bks – backknuckle strike
    ihp – inverted horizontal punch
    vp – vertical punch
    ihs – inward handsword
    ohs – outward handsword
    irhs – inward reverse handsword
    orhs – outward reverse handsword
    fihs – forward inverted handsword
    phs – palm heel strike
    ubf – upper body fake
    lbf – lower body fake
    1 – push drag
    2 – step drag
    3 – drag step
    4 – front crossover
    5 – step through
    6 – rear crossover

    Also, if you see a basic with another basic in parentheses, A(B), fk(vp), that means that the drill in question could be done with either basic for the same general effect and should be practiced as an option drill.

    Finally, when a basic is underlined that means it is executed by the rear hand.

    Here we go. The only things original to me are the mistakes.

    Warm Up
    Stretch (knees + hips)
    Moving and Shadowboxing – Air (combinations)
    Glove Up
    Spinning Techniques – Bags (F.A.S.P., spin -bks, rk, stk, ohhk)
    Continuous Sparring (slow to med, no contact to light contact, switching partners in and out)
    Purple – Pattern Review, Knowledge Factors (major/minor movements)
    3rd Brown – Club Set 2 (forward, reverse, mid grips, club assist stretches and warm ups)
    1st Brown – Tiger Set (breathing and intensity)
    Dynamic Drills
    3 Hit Kenpo – Partner Drill (back and forth static, flowing dynamic, fighting for control)
    Linear Defense Against Punches and Kicks – Line Drill (with a partner, escaping to the wall with blocks, then driving the opponent to the wall with strikes, back and forth)
    Hunter/Prey Sparring – Partner Drill (slow to med, flowing, switching every minute)
    Sparring Techniques
    Kicking Guard Sweeps – Air, Body (ick/ock, fk, ohhk, rhk)
    Green Freestyle – Air, Body (1-3 -wk/bks/A(B)/vp, bks/ihp/5bks, wk/A(B)/irhs/fk, bks/spin rk, 6bks/rk/up block/ihp, 4-5 -wk/bks/ihp/waiter's tray guard sweep, ssk/6bks/rk/A(B), fk/vp/A(B)/phs, 5-2fk/vp/down guard sweep/vp)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Point Sparring (medium speed/light contact, 3 point round)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (shoulders + elbows)
    Swordarms – Air (+,x, horse stance, fighting stance moving)
    Handsword Formulation (form, |fingers together|, structure, striking surface, practice on the hand)
    Core Exercise - Crunches (any variation, one minute)
    Inward/Outward Handswords – Pads (fighting stance, lead/rear hand, both sides)
    Leg Exercise - Lunges/Squats (lunge/3 squats, 3 repetitions each side)
    Inward/Outward Handswords – Air (traditional from a horse stance)
    3 Zone Blocking Set – Partner (|open hand blocks|, in place from a horse stance, moving in a fighting stance)
    Chopping Set – Body (5 strikes )
    Chest Exercise - Pushups (any variation, one minute)
    White – Attacking the Kick (double factor blocking, step through kicks, position checks)
    Yellow – Barricading the Storm (club evasion, chicken kicking, |negative body posture|)
    Orange – Intercepting the Storm (stepping to the apex of a circular strike, upward crossed block, rolling butterfly wrist transfer to arm bar control, disarms)
    Dynamic Drills
    Stepping Back from Kicks with Blocks – Line Drill (advance with front kicks, {step through retreating with blocks}, to the wall, alternate, )
    Spontaneous Club Defense – Partner Drill (evade/block, defend with kicks, disarm, alternate)
    Shadowboxing with the Club – Air (practicing strikes with the club and with the empty hands and feet)
    Technique Drills
    Running Lists in the Air (as fast as correct)
    Techniques on the Body
    Spontaneous Activities
    Swordarm Fencing (lead shield/rear sword, H/P, )
    3 Zone Blocking with Open Hand Counters (static/dynamic, palms + handswords)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (knees + backs of legs)
    Jamming with Linear Strikes – Air, Body (static against haymaker/rhk(mt), fk(vp) to hip/shoulder)
    Stepping Past and Away from Strikes – Partner Drill (slipping punches, angular evasion)
    Stepping Past the Opponent – Partner Drill (step through punch, {striking and facing} return to neutral, repeat)
    Spinning out of Pull Down Checks – Partner Drill (stepping out, spin rk, )
    Glove Up
    Hip Twitch wk Defense – Partner Drill ({counter with bks}, counter with landing forward and jamming the counter-turn)
    Stiff Leg Lifting Rear Kick – Air, Body (control, alternating, against stk(fk))
    Feints and Fakes – Air, Partner Drill (lbf (high stepping, stomping, twitching), ubf (opening and closing hands, bks fake, clapping), sensory (looking away, making noise), footwork (half steps, half spins, lunging)
    Purple – Blue Technique Review and Knowledge Factors (major/minor movements)
    3rd Brown – Intercepting the Ram (bracing against linear pressure, vicing strikes, falling into ground positions with impaling maneuvers, backwards rolling throw)
    1st Brown – Entwined Maces (outside crossing blocks, unbalancing with stance transitions, pivoting into and out of the opponent's position with strikes)
    Dynamic Drills
    Practicing Techniques with Kiai – Air (running lists, practicing breathing/kiai on major movements)
    Tackles and Takedowns – Partner (slow and controlled, pushing/pulling, {falling safely})
    Blocking to Countergrabs – Partner (h/p, jabs/crosses, {hard blocks to countergrabs}, )
    Techniques on the Body
    Sparring Techniques
    Circling with Combos – Body (slow to med, hands and feet)
    Kenpo Blitz to Combo – Air, Body (static, breaking with kicks and facing, then new combo or blitz again)
    Double Tapping – Air, Body (static, hands and feet, holding and hitting)
    Re-Orbiting Strikes – Air, Body (striking set, hunter/prey sparring style, defending with blocks)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Sparring with Kenpo Techniques – Partner Option Drill (punch – fallen sword/penetrating the wall, kick – attacking the kick/deflecting circle, sparring style, hunter/prey, slow to med, each separately/then by category of attack/then all four)
    Continuous Sparring (long rounds)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (hips + back)
    Close Range Basics – Pads, Body (knee, elbow, tsk, stomp, short hands)
    Glove Up
    Moving In and Out with Strikes – Partner Drill (static/dynamic, hunter/prey, closing range and backin away with hand and foot combinations)
    Fighting Against the Wall – Partner Drill (covering, blocking, sparring, moving laterally, )
    Multiple Opponents – Group on One Activity (slow long range strikes, {basic strategies (group, separate, line), evade, grab limbs and opponents, })
    Purple – Blue Pattern Review and Knowledge Factors (major/minor movements)
    3rd Brown – Club Set 2 (forward, reverse, mid grips, club assist stretches and warm ups)
    1st Brown – Tiger Set (deep stances, balance, power)
    Dynamic Drills
    Practicing Techniques with Kiai – Body (running lists, practicing breathing/kiai on major movements)
    Shadowboxing with Clubs (forward/reverse grip, in place/moving)
    Walking Stances – Line Drill (deep/shallow stances, mobility, stability)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Sparring Techniques
    Sweeps – Air, Body (static, in place pulling, tsk (crossover sweep), rear sliding leg sweep)
    Kicks to the Legs – Body (control, static/dynamic, all kicks, targets, touch to light)
    Holds – Body (clinch from chi sao, side hug from punch defense, arm hold from opponent blocking)
    Takedowns – Body (one leg rear sweep shearing, clinch takedowns, bearhug dragdowns)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Continuous Sparring – Karate Style (rings, no grapples, strict targets)
    Continuous Sparring – Street Style (grapples and leg kicks, walls, closets, obstructions, multiple opponents)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (hips + knees)
    Rear Kick Form – Air (natural stance, fighting stance)
    Rear Kick Accuracy – Pads (both sides, facing away/turning away)
    Chest Exercise – One Arm Wall Pushups (5 repetitions, each side)
    Roundhouse Kick Form – Air (fighting stance, pivoting/rolling hip/kicking, pulling the toes away)
    Roundhouse Kick Accuracy – Pads (both sides, landing back/landing forward)
    Core Exercise – Swimmers (one minute)
    Kicks by Rank for Speed – Line Drill (advancing/retreating, with hand combinations)
    Kicks by Rank for Power – Shields (in place, circling)
    Kick Evasion – Partner (no contact, linear(line drill)/lateral(side stepping)/circling(sparring style))
    Plyometric Exercise – Superstars (5 repetitions)
    White – Escaping the Bear (bearhug defense, strikes to the rear, stomp/elbow combination)
    Yellow – Orange Technique Review/Pre-Test (in the air, by the numbers)
    Orange – Purple Technique Review/Pre-Test (in the air, by the numbers)
    Dynamic Drills
    Basic Bearhug Defense – Partner (rear hugs, arms pinned or free, base/pin/grapevine, counter and escape)
    Checking the Checks – Partner (techniques on the body, opponent inserts secondary strikes at random, defend and finish technique)
    Techniques Against a Resisting Opponent (running lists, slow speed, increasing resistance and counters)
    Technique Drills
    Running Lists on the Body (as fast as correct)
    Techniques on the Body
    Spontaneous Activities
    Kicking Two Circling Opponents – Shields (kicks by rank, any kicks, rotating)
    Spontaneous Defense Against Kicks – Partner (fk, rk, evade/counter)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (back + shoulders)
    Arm Circles – Air (abducting + adducting circles, overlapping circles, |8 relationships of circles|)
    Push Hands – Partner (in place/moving, locking grips to hands/forearms/biceps/shoulders)
    Pummeling Drill – Partner (inside/outside, taking the back)
    Sticky Hands – Partner (one arm, two arms, crossed arms)
    Close/Far – Partner (alternating between sticky hands/pummeling, switching stances, dynamic)
    Grabs – Partner (one handed, two handed, grab escapes, competitive grabbing)
    Holds – Partner (clinch, arm drag, pulling and throwing from the lapels, 5 basic holds)
    Hugs – Partner (circling, escaping, lifting/turning/throwing/sacrifice)
    Swarming with Holds – Partner (dynamic, for control)
    Purple – Blue Technique Review/Pre-Test (in the air, by the numbers)
    3rd Brown – Entangled Wing (figure four arm lock, over the shoulder elbow trap, alternating elbows)
    1st Brown – Squatting Sacrifice (bearhug insertions, squatting leg break takedown, ankle twist turnover)
    Dynamic Drills
    Technique Defenses Against Grapples – Partner (grab/hug/hold/tackle/takedown/lock/choke/strangle, increasing resistance, |importance of tapping|)
    Grapple Versus Striking Simultaneous – Partner (slow speed, hunter attackes with grapples/prey
    defends by stepping out with light striking techniques, controlled, flowing)
    Basic Bearhug Defense – Partner (base/pin/grapevine, creating space, stepping/wedging/turning out)
    Techniques on the Body
    Stand Up Grappling Techniques
    Locks – Body (from the wrist in, flowing with a partner, escaping with and without strikes, |stepping in to locks|)
    Chokes + Strangulations – Body (with the arms and hands, sealing the air/blood, throttling/pressing/hanging)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Lock Flow (3 locks alternating, stepping out and resisting)
    Submission Grappling (slow speed, H/P, to tap, increasing resistance, )

    Warm Up
    Stretch (lower back + shoulders)
    Falls (arm movements, 5 positions, sitting/squatting/crouching/standing/full fall)
    Basic Groundwork (box drill, rolls, face up/face down spins)
    Stand Ups (hands + knees rising, guarded stand up retreating, handspin moving forward)
    Punching/Kicking/Chasing a Downed Opponent – Partner (dynamic, escaping to stand up, {crawling away})
    Side Falls/Forward Falls (rolling on the hips/forearms, pressing away from the floor)
    Pushing Opponent to a Fall – Partner (squatting/crouching/standing)
    Falling While Holding an Opponent – Partner (sacrifice falls, sitting/squatting/crouching/standing)
    Purple – Blue Pattern Review/Pre-Test (in the air, by the numbers)
    3rd Brown – Club Set 2 (stepping in and out with club strikes, body momentum)
    1st Brown – Tiger Set (leveraging from stances and using strong line/weak line to move opponents)
    Dynamic Drills
    Practicing Techniques from Forms – Body (starting with Short Form 1, practice each technique as a defense and an offense)
    Sinawali Club Strikes – Air (sinawali, in place, switching, )
    Controlling Bracing and Balance Points – Partner (static/dynamic, holds and hugs, strong line/weak line, practicing off balancing the opponent and pushing him to the ground)
    Techniques on the Body
    Up/Down Techniques
    Takedowns – Partner (clinch takedown, rear takedowns (head + shoulders), rear leg sweeps, lifts)
    Getting Up from Grappling – Partner (knee on stomach/back rising, pressing off opponent, rolling to a standing position)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Defending from the Ground (position, blocking, getting up/pushing opponent down/alternating)
    5 Hit Kenpo (stand up/3 hit/takedown, striking rising and falling)

    6-20-11 BEGINNER --ELBOWS--
    Warm Up
    Stretch (knees + torso)
    Elbow Set (from horse, |discussing form|)
    Elbows from a Fighting Stance – Air (in place, moving)
    Elbows from a Fighting Stance – Pads (pivoting, keeping the arm level, |striking through the target|)
    Calf Exercise – Calf Raises (30 seconds)
    Elbows Pressing/Striking – Shields (snap/thrust, |with body alignment|)
    Inward/Outward Elbow Blocks – Partner (matching, alternating)
    Abdominal Exercise – 3 Directional Leg Raises with a Partner (3 = 1, 10 repetitions)
    Clinch Position – Partner (control, moving)
    Clinch/Elbow Combinations – Partner (inward/upward/outward/downward, {cover + escape})
    Forearm Exercise – Countergrabs to Downward Claws (from a horse stance, 45 repetitions)
    White – Deadly Lock (headlocks, vicing strikes, arm bar control)
    Yellow – Orange Technique Review/Pre-Test (on the body)
    Orange – Purple Technique Review/Pre-Test (on the body)
    Dynamic Drills
    Applying and Defending Headlocks – Partner (from front/side/rear, defending with strikes and sitting)
    Defenses by Category of Attack – Partner (defend/control/counter)
    Attacking with Techniques – Partner (running lists, using techniques offensively, {defend and counter})
    Technique Drills
    Practice Most Challenging Techniques – Body (most difficult, least favorite, worst performing)
    Techniques on the Body
    Spontaneous Activities
    Elbow Sparring (slow speed, hi zone/mid zone, touch contact)
    3 Hit Kenpo with Elbow Strikes

    6-21-11 INTERMEDIATE --3 HIT KENPO--
    Warm Up
    Stretch (core twists + bends)
    Beginner Techniques – Air (yellow, orange, purple)
    Lock Flow – Partner (alternating locks, stepping out of locks)
    Foot Sparring (competitive stepping + knee checking)
    Strikes on the Shields (hands/feet/both, compound striking, stomps)
    3 Hit Kenpo (hands/feet, linear/circular, strikes/grapples, traditional alternating)
    Purple – Blue Technique Review + Basics (basics in the air, techniques on the body)
    3rd Brown – Blinding Sacrifice A (close range encounters, blinding, striking in a hug)
    1st Brown – Circling the Storm (glancing elbow strikes, striking the groin from all angles, insertions to the head)
    Dynamic Drills
    Close Range Striking + Grappling – Partner (striking inside hugs and holds, static/dynamic)
    Defending Against Club Attacks with Empty Hand Strikes (evade/counter/evade/counter, H/P)
    Attacking with Techniques – Partner (running lists, using techniques offensively, {defend and counter})
    Techniques on the Body
    Manipulation Techniques
    Anatomical Repositioning – Body (manipulating with grabs, rocking horse effect, gate principle, waterwheel technique)
    Gross Repositioning – Body (body slams, lifts, crashing, penetrating steps)
    Spontaneous Activities
    3 Hit Kenpo (seizing lead dynamic)
    Kenpo Twister (group activity, 3 hit kenpo against multiple opponents)
    Slow Speed Brawl (group activity, free for all, |dangers of grappling in multiple opponent scenarios|)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (back + backs of legs)
    Basic Groundwork (box drill, rolls, face up/face down spins)
    Running Lines – Line Drill (crawling, knee drive, scrambling face up/face down, advancing/retreating)
    Running Positions – Partner (both sides, mount/scarf/side mount/reverse scarf/mount)
    Mount Escapes – Partner (rolling mount escape, shrimping mount escape)
    Guard Escapes – Partner (wedging guard escape, stack and roll guard escape)
    Holding Positions – Partner (mount, guard, side mount)
    Purple – Blue Pattern Review + Knowledge Factors (formally, with intensity)
    3rd Brown – Club Set 2 (two handed grips, lasso strikes, hooks)
    1st Brown – Tiger Set (open hand strikes, palm, finger, handblade, slashes and thrusts)
    Dynamic Drills
    Defenses by Category of Attack – Partner (defend/control/counter)
    Sinawali Club Strikes – Partner (sinawali, in place, switching, )
    Open Hand Strikes for Form and Accuracy – Pads (palm, finger thrust, claw, handsword, |structure|)
    Techniques on the Body
    Ground Fighting Techniques
    Poison Hands (forearm to head, positional asphyxia, frictional burns)
    Submissions (straight arm bar from mount/guard, paintbrush from side mount, gi choke from mount/guard)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Grappling for Position (dominance, resetting, short rounds)
    Grappling for Submission (to tapping, resetting, long rounds)

    6-27-11 TEST DAY

    Warm Up
    Stretch (ankles + knees)
    Side Kicks for Form – Air (|striking surface of the foot|, fighting stance, lateral stepping)
    Side Kicks for Accuracy – Body (knee/above the knee/below the knee, |solid contact|)
    Core Exercise – Medicine Ball Torso Twist with a Partner (30 seconds each direction)
    Wheel Kick for Form – Air (|striking surface|, pivoting/rolling the hip/kicking, fighting stance)
    Wheel Kick for Accuracy – Body (lo/mid/hi, knee/groin/torso, both sides)
    Core Exercise – Medicine Ball Over/Under with a Partner (30 seconds each direction)
    Kicks by Rank for Speed – Line Drill (side stepping + kicking, double kicks)
    Kicks by Rank for Power – Shields (in place, circling)
    Retreating from Hand Attacks with Kick Counters – Partner (pushes/punches, defend/counter with kicks by rank)
    Upper Body Exercise – Medicine Ball Push and Catch with a Partner (30 seconds left/right fighting stance)
    White – Pursuing the Storm (brandishing, jamming, knees and elbows)
    Yellow – Orange Technique Review (randomly calling out names)
    Orange – Purple Technique Review (randomly calling out names)
    Dynamic Drills
    Jamming the Brandish – Partner (raise and brandish club, {step in and jam arms}, static/dynamic)
    Defenses Against Strikes – Partner (static/dynamic, defend/counter, pushes/punches/kicks/weapons)
    Defenses Against Grapples – Partner (static/dynamic, defend/counter, grabs/holds/hugs/tackles/takedowns/locks/chokes/strangulations)
    Technique Drills
    Techniques Facing Four Directions – Air (12,3,6,9)
    Techniques on the Body
    Spontaneous Activities
    Circle of Death with Kicks (group activity, two concentric circles of students, inside circle carries shields and pivots clockwise, outside circle kicks shields and pivots counter-clockwise)
    Spontaneous Defense Against Category of Attack with Kick Counters (defend/kick counter)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (shoulders + hips)
    Shadowboxing – Air (hands/feet/both)
    Striking the Shields (long range/short range/both)
    Advancing and Retreating with a Partner – Line Drill (advancing with strikes, retreating with blocks)
    Evade and Cover – Partner (bob and weave/cover/counter, alternating)
    Striking on the Ground – Body (mount, guard, side mount, H/P)
    Purple – Altered Momentum (striking while being pulled in (borrowed force), figure eight striking, point of oblivion, bracing strikes (elbow smash))
    Blue – Circling Vines (rolling the shoulder, arm bar control , neck crank)
    3rd Brown – Blinding Sacrifice B (wedging in and out to break chokes, vicing strikes/bracing strikes, head control)
    1st Brown – The Ram and The Eagle (excision, overlapping circles, long range multiple opponent manupulation)
    Dynamic Drills
    Manipulating with Lapel Grabs – Body (offense practices pulling/pushing/turning/throwing/tripping, defense practices bracing and establishing a strong line, controlling the arms, and striking)
    Manipulating with Arm Bars – Body (practice hunter/prey arm bar control off of dynamic competitive grabbing, one student practices controlling with grabs while the other practices grab escape/counter grab defenses to arm bar control, slow to med speed)
    Manipulating with Chokes and Strangulations – Body (one student applies controlled attacks, the other student defends with strikes to the centerline and shrugging/sloughing defenses)
    Manipulating Two Opponents – Body (two dummies, student practices grabbing and striking while maneuvering around dummy opponents, )
    Techniques on the Body
    Striking Techniques
    Sophisticated Striking – Shields (compound/piston/machine gun striking, reverse motion/striking on the redraw)
    Hand/Foot Combinations – Shields (alternating hands and feet for 1 minute, |maintaining pressure in striking|)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Glove Up
    Continuous Sparring (hands only, feet only, hands versus feet, all weapons)
    Striking on the Ground (sitting/squatting/crawling/prone/ground fighting positions)

    Warm Up
    Stretch (wrists + ankles)
    Shadowboxing – Air (combinations + moving)
    Close/Far – Partner (alternating between sticky hands/pummeling, switching stances and circling, dynamic)
    Sticky Hands with Striking – Partner (off hand, switching, changing levels, H/P)
    Pummeling with Striking – Partner (while changing positions, driving + pivoting)
    Close/Far with Striking – Partner (changing levels, circling, driving + pivoting)
    Long Range Hunter/Prey – Partner (evasion/blocking, counters)
    Striking a Downed Opponent – Partner (kicks/stomps/hand techniques, {evade + defend})
    Fighting on the Ground – Partner (sitting/squatting/crawling/prone, kicks/punches/grapples)
    Groundfighting – Partner (grapples + strikes, all positions, light contact, to dominance)
    Purple – Striking Crane (hooking parries, long range/short range strikes to the head, forward/reverse motion)
    Blue – Whirling Momentum (stress and shock, small circles, bringing the target to the weapon, angular momentum)
    3rd Brown – Snaking Talon (figure eight parries, breaking the opponent's stance and then pulling the opponent by the arm, kick insertions (upward flapping foot kick), chicken rear kick)
    1st Brown – Leap of Death (jumping on and kicking a face down opponent, manipulating the head from behind and above, downward looping roundhouse kick)
    Dynamic Drills
    Practicing Strikes to the Head – Body (no contact to touch contact, circling the dummy, moving the head to create opportunities to strike, strikes to the head of a prone opponent)
    Bringing the Target to the Weapon – Body (practice using pull down and frictional checking to bring the opponent into off hand strikes)
    Escaping with Parries – Partner (one student agresses with slow jabs and crosses, the other retreats and circles with parries and checks, gradually increase intensity)
    Practice Striking a Prone Opponent – Body (stomping the outline, circling with strikes, opponent face up/face down, static/dynamic)
    Techniques on the Body
    Street Fighting Techniques
    Attitude and Aggression (mental preparation, commitment, striking fear, intimidation)
    Finishing Moves (stomps, strikes to the head/neck, weapons, battering)
    Spontaneous Activities
    Free Combat Drills (slow to medium speed, no contact to light contact)

    That's it. I'm really looking forward to these classes. Next month, we will be beginning again with our Ground Fighting Curriculum in the Intermediate class, but I'm not sure yet whether I'll be having new students in that class, we have two students on medical leave. If I don't, I'm considering teaching an adapted Stand Up/Ground Grappling Curriculum since all my Intermediates have already had the ground fighting introduction.

    Feel free to use any of this material or not as you wish. If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask.


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