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    32 Classes From White to Yellow By Thesemindz - 08-05-2011 03:10 AM


    <div>I was going to be teaching an all ranks class with some advanced students and some first day beginners and so I started working on writing down the skills I wanted to teach to bring my first day beginners up to speed enough so that they could play karate with the rest of us. What started as that soon evolved in to a longer list of drills and activities that I realized would cover far more than one class. So I just kept writing and adding the skills I would want to teach in order from the very first day on.

    I now have a 32 class curriculum for taking a student from their very first class to their yellow belt test. This is based on the kenpo curriculum that I teach which is an expansion and re-ordering of the kenpo that I was taught by my instructors. It is largely similar to the EPAK system, although there are small changes to almost every technique and several that don't exist within that system. Mostly simpler versions of defenses inserted earlier in the system to smooth out the progression of knowledge.

    This isn't complete, it doesn't contain any stretching or calisthenics. It's just a list of curriculum, drills, and activities. But in an ideal teaching environment, I think this would result in a pretty strong yellow belt. I tried to cover a number of simple techniques and practices with a lot of variation and a clear progression through the most beginner material. This includes striking with the hands and feet, simple stand up grappling, and basic defenses against weapons. It deals with ground fighting but only in a very basic sense against a standing opponent. I won't teach actual two prone ground fighting until later in the curriculum.

    This level of curriculum is about teaching the students how to move and control and feel their bodies. I've started on the next level of curriculum which is going to be focused on learning how to train with a partner.

    I'm interested in any feedback anyone has to give. This started out as a class plan, became a mental exercise, and evolved into a four month curriculum. It's not fixed. But it's interesting to have every class planned in a progressive fashion like this.

    I'm going to warn you now. This is long. It's just a rough outline but 32 classes adds up. I think it's easy enough to follow, but if anybody has any questions feel free to ask. And if you see anything you like, feel free to use it.

    You probably won't recognize the technique names. Some you can probably guess. Others you won't know. If you need specifics ask. It should be generally clear from context.

    Anyway. Here we go.

    Yellow Belt Curriculum

    Techniques<ol class="decimal">Abducting Arms

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