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  • MT:A Couple of Kenpo Training Videos

    A Couple of Kenpo Training Videos By Thesemindz - 08-29-2011 12:43 PM


    I'm having a busy day, but I managed to find time to throw on my belt and get some training in. My gi is dirty from my last training session, so I just threw on a black shirt and some cargo pants and got a good sweat on.

    The first video is me stretching out and working empty hand, short bludgeon and short staff.

    The second video is me working with a variety of weapons. Kitchen Knife, Battle Axe, Tonfa, Tack Hammer, and Chef's Knife.

    And the third video is me doing some Short Form 1 practice. I'm working several different rhythms and I have to make some allowances for space, but I got some good reps in.

    None of these are demo videos. Just me doing some training in my basement. Sorry, the video quality is still pretty bad in places. If that's a problem, don't watch. If you do watch, I appreciate any comments you have to offer. Thanks.


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