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    Kenpo Syllabus? By Mauthos - 09-10-2012 08:26 AM


    I have just recently started teaching American Kenpo (Less than 1 year) and a few of my students have asked whether there is a written syllabus to accompany their training.

    Now for me the simple answer, without pointing them at websites such as Larry Tatum's, is no. My instructor never gave me one and I have never felt the need for one, until now.

    I can see the benefit of having a folder, for example, that breaks down all forms, sets and techniques into their component parts in a hopefully simple to follow way, but undertaking such a task could be monumental.

    Searching the web I have found the youtube channel that the dedicated Casa de Kenpo guys have set up and thanks to their hard work I can point my students in their direction to at least help them remember techniques etc when practicing at home.

    However, this is not available, as far as I know, in written form. I have found some online clubs that have written a syllabus and although this is useful as a reference, because the language used or the teaching style coming across in the writing is different to my own, I fear this could only lead to confusion among my students.

    Therefore, I am considering writing my own syllabus, explaining the techniques, forms and sets in my language in my teaching style to be able to hand this out to students as and when required, possibly as small bite size chunks relevant to the grade they are training toward.

    My question after all that preamble waffle is simple:

    Has anyone done this themselves and is it a huge difficult undertaking as I assume it may be?

    Thanks to anyone in advance that can provide me with some insight/advice regarding this.


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