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    Hmmm... If only.

    Originally posted by ShadowAce View Post
    I have my second degree black belt in Hapkido and Ive been working on that for eight years. I received my first black belt under my uncle's studio, and then my second training with the person who taught him. Four years at each studio. I slept with ice packs atleast twice a week. I think thats the way to do it. Be sore. Be very sore. But keep going.
    A black belt should show others you have the emotional intelligence and the true character to earn what it is you desire. Not the belt itself, but the level of personal mastery, the satisfaction, the truth that you were strong enough, devoted enough, to train and try till it hurt and until you got it right.
    But thats only how I view it. There are many drives people hold towards getting a black belt. Mine was not a grab for power, or ego, or control. I wanted to prove to myself that I was strong enough. Inside. Deep down that the real me, the REAL me could take it. And when I was handed my first black belt my heart pumped satisfaction, and pride. Not arrogance, or pride to be shown to anyone else. But pride in myself. I had done what I wasnt sure I could do. I was proud of myself.
    Maybe this sounds cheesy or ignorant. But my black belt means alot to me. Thats all it really should count for. What it means to you.

    Everyone should work so hard...


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      A black belt is a white belt that never gave up!
      Graf's ATA Martial Arts, Austin, TX


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        While today it is sadly used as a marketing ploy.

        It has to mean something than just hold up pants otherwise lets just dish 'em out to everyone that pays up.

        Though as Miyagi pointed it's more in the heart than on the waist. But again with out criteria an uniformity let's all muck about for 2 years and give ourselves 20th dan in a Mc Dojo Certified BS-Ryu.

        Dan Criteria