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  • Certificate Authentication

    I was wondering if you guys knew how to tell if a kukkiwon or World Kido Federation Certificate was a fake.

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    Honestly, the easiest way to tell for kukkiwon is to go to the kukkiwon site:

    They recently added the ability to check online for poom/dan status. at the bottom of the homepage is the link. by the time you get your certificate, it'll be in their system. You'll have to enter the information EXACTLY as it appears on your certificate.

    The kukkiwon changes their certificates regularly. The most recent change is on grey paper, with the background images, kukkiwon picture, and seal all in silver. The ink also no longer looks like it came off a dot matrix printer (hallelujah!). Also, the ID cards have completely changed - they look really professional now, no longer laminated but blue plastic.

    WTF 2nd Dan
    Chang Moo Kwan


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      Fake Certification

      As far as the World KIDO Federation certification goes, if you can get the WKF ID #, you can ask the Web Sabomnim at the WKF web site. She can tell you if it is legit.