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Groin Issues.

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  • Groin Issues.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I am 47, and have trained about 6 months in TKD. I have trained really hard at the gym for the past 3 years and concurrently train TKD 2-3 hrs/week and gym 4-5 days/week. Since joining TKD I have backed off my heavy leg training in the gym and do high rep stuff. As you would guess, tree stumps don't go over well in the TKD dojang and I am working on flexibility constantly.

    I have noticed that my side kicks are generating some type of groin pain. If I had to guess it feels like the something that wraps over my pelvis toward the pubic area. (I'm wondering if I exagerate pulling my knee up too much, but my instructor seems to think my side kick is excellent) It never
    happens the same day, always the next day that I notice. The first time this happened, it took almost 2-3 months to fully recover and could barely stand up straight the next am. It occurred again about 10 days ago but seems to be recovering very fast this time.

    Is this just something noob's end up with? If so, do the legs generally get stronger as you go along? How would you approach working w/this type of injury? Do you think this is the result of poor form? I am looking for ways to improvem muscle strength in this area. Recommendations would be helpful.