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Gladiator Challenge at Soboba Casino?

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  • Gladiator Challenge at Soboba Casino?

    Anyone know anything about this event at Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA? It's scheduled for this Sat, Dec. 9.

    I want to do go, but only if it's the real deal.

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    It's the real deal Shrimp. Tedd Williams is the promoter. It's taking the place of KOTC when the KOTC goes on the road... as it did last week in Michigan.

    I know a couple of the fighters on this card.

    keiths' boy, Chris Champagne (reddog at UG) is fighting Jeremy Williams (Brennan NG JJ).

    Joe Camacho (Carvahlo JJ) vs. Al Garza (WCG, former Carvahlo).

    Travis Fulton... Eric Pele... etc.



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      I'm planning on going.


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        Awesome.... post some results when you come home please!!! Please let me know about Joe Camacho vs. Al Garza, and Williams vs Champagne.

        Those matches interest me the most.


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          Why aren't you going? You're pretty close, as I recall.


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            Gonna be at an Xmas drunkfest.


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              Murder dem brain cells EJ


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