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SPARRING (Better to give than receive)

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    WaaaAAaaaaa!!! You are beyond ridiculous, kid.


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      back to the subject lol
      i have had the pleasure of training with mick coup once or twice and i can tell you it was a real eye opener! he spend most of the class untraining me on things you just dont think about like why was i using boxing foot work as i couldnt do that up a flight of stairs ect his co2 is a bit of a head fukc as its really not like a martial art, its hard to except at first that something so basic could be effective when the martial arts condition you to think more is better.

      he had me hitting much harder in about 3 minutes although i have been training since i was a kid.

      if anyone has a chance to train with mick dont miss it he has looked at fighting from a complete rashernal perspective and not made any assumptions. i only wish i had the option of training with him or in his system more often.

      i now consider any technique i cant appliy after one martial arts class to be useless!