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Recommend me a really practical, tactical, and cool knife

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    Jesus're damned lucky you didn't amputate your fingers...I had a great deal of faith in CS from watching their "Proof" videos, but you're experience sort of proves that that may have been misplaced trust. Have you tried to contact Cold Steel about your folder failure to see if you could get a refund and a properly functioning knife (though I doubt you'd want to risk your fingers again)...or perhaps inform them for THEIR sake that their product was not up to the standards they profess?

    Oh and Tanto...dope knives. I love the Karambit...I've been thinking about having a local knife maker maybe make a custom for me based upon a brass replica of a really odd knife I picked up when I was in Delphi, Greece, but I don't know how to approach him about it. Maybe you have a few tips? The delica is cute! Maybe I can finally get my girl to start carrying a good blade (and delica is a classic).

    As for my .02, Triangle....practical is an interesting you mean something for EDC that is inconspicuous and can be used for multiple tasks, do you mean as far as expense, or do you mean something that is not overly garrish/flashy or gaudy but is designed for tactical purposes?


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      Originally posted by 7r14ngL3Ch0k3 View Post
      Lets hear it... i know you guys got it, this is your show!~

      "Does it come in black?"

      That's right, I'm Batman!
      It depends on your intended use of the knife. Is this for self-defense? If so, I would suggest avoiding the "cool" knives that are all decked out for self-defense. Those knives specifically geared toward self-defense, like kerambits increase the likelihood of reflecting negatively on you should you ever have to use it. It could lead to legal ramifications. Now with that said, any defensive use of the knife must be justified. Even a small non-intimidating knife can land a person in jail if they use it when the situation didn't warrant it.

      Something else to consider, you should abide by the laws in your state and jurisdiction in regards to legal knives. Also, if you travel outside your area or state and carry your knife you need to make sure it's legal there as well.