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MT: Are we the weaker sex?

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    You are right on the money for saying that women are not the weaker sex. come to think of it, women are stronger than men, because they borne children for the future generation!


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      Originally posted by Garland View Post
      I remember posting a picture of Marcus Ruhl's wife the last time this topic came up...

      Generally speaking, men are bigger and more muscular, physically stronger than women. Sexual dimorphism. Common sense. That being said...many women are stronger than many men, and many men are weaker than many women physically. There are outliers from the mean/average. That being said...we picked up weapons and continued to develop them throughout our existence as equilizers. Same with developing techniques to overcome another individual unarmed.
      I am totally agree with you that the man are power full and have bigger muscular shape than the women that is term of sexual health ,common sense etc.........