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  • MT: I still grappled!

    I still grappled! By Flea - 08-27-2009 02:36 PM


    It was just so nice to announce it the first time that I decided to repost it. Yay Flea!

    It's been a long journey of ten months and counting. The first time my class did groundwork I freaked out and went home. I've had several attempts that would last about five minutes before I disappeared for a long walk of an hour or more. The turning point came at a seminar a couple weeks ago, when we worked on crumpling each other up on the ground in a painful heap and then helping them find their own way out of it. I had no problem with that exercise. Last Saturday it hit me; I saw the parallel between being immobilized on the ground ... and being immobilized on the ground. I enjoyed the one, so what's the problem with the other?

    I worked with the assistant teacher for a good 20 minutes or so as he talked me through it, step by step. I got weirded out at one point and sat in suspended animation with my eyes closed for a few minutes - I knew if I backed out I might never go back to it, so that was my compromise. It must have looked kind of strange, but no one said anything. Deep respect for a teacher willing to sit quietly in a wrist lock for several minutes without a word.

    I expected a delayed reaction to it and I'm finally seeing it several days later. Yesterday and today I've felt very snarky and defensive over nothing in particular. I'm not sure whether I should attend class tonight or not. It could help, or it could backfire. I don't think I'll know until I get there, but I think it's worth a shot.

    Anyway, thanks to all of you for your kudos the first time around. Yay to all of us. Yay MT! This is a very cool forum indeed. I don't think I could have done this without all the encouragement I've gotten here.

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