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  • MT: Girlfriend taking judo

    Girlfriend taking judo By sonic78 - 01-04-2010 06:25 PM



    I'm new here. It wouldnt let me post until i registered but I guess thats how most forums work. :bangahead:

    Anyways... I'll get to the point. I've been with the same girlfriend since 2004. When we met i was 5'10 and 190# and she was 5'8 and same weight (curvy not fat). Well as the years went by she went from curvy to heavy and was pushing 240# from relationship comfort and eating out i guess.

    In the last year shes lost over 25 lbs taking a judo class and is really loving it. Recently she achieved her yellow (i think) belt and is asking me to peel myself away from the videogames and join her in the class. She has joked that since shes a thicker girl and yellow belt I might find myself matched up against her at some point. I know shes just joking in good fun, but does a yellow belt really know that much about judo? Could my girlfriend kick my butt in sparring if I signup for this class??

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    Hate to the be the the one sharing bad news, but if she has ANY type of training and you have been spending time on the couch play video games, You can take a loss!

    but another question is, why did'nt you take the class with her.. I would say, give the class a shot and it will also give you guys a chance to hangout more.


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      If her weight is important to you, then joining her class might be a good way to support her fitness goals.


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        Well judo is very effective to lose your weight because you have to don all the exercise which is essential for the judo . in judo you have to increase your stamina for this you have to do the workout .....


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          i think women selfdeffence is most important for women now a days..becoz the rape issues are increasing day by day.


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            I wouldnt worry about it if she kicks your butt just swallow your pride and take it plus since she is your woman you should let her win anyways but yellow belt in the martial arts world is just one step above white so its not that important either she will just know more about Judo then you so it really depends.