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MT: Woman martial artist, man beginner role reversal

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  • MT: Woman martial artist, man beginner role reversal

    Woman martial artist, man beginner role reversal By Tiberius - 07-13-2010 08:30 PM


    Hi this is a question for the women Who are more or less exper martial artists and are with a guy who isnt, or is just a beginner.

    I do Judo at my Uni (I guess college in America) and met my girlfriend there, because she likes to visit the Judo schools in the areas she well, visits.

    She did sports since she was 4 and is therefore pretty skilled and strong. The first time we were toegether it was a bit of a surprise to see her built. She wasnt different just from her appearance. She was quite assertive and dominant and liked to show off a bit, doing squats with me on her back and physically controlling me. I think in some ways our roles might be a bit reveresed, mainly because she told me so . I like her for being so generous and giving, so that is not the problem.

    I wondered do some girls who are very skilled in martial arts or are just plain strong enjoy it when the gender roles are reversed or are they just doing it for the guy?

    Or even worse, does it all depend on the mood they are in and they like to experience both sides occasionally and we have to guess? Does it bother you you can fight better than your boyfriend, or do you feel appreciated if he likes what you can bring to the table, even if it is the traditional male role in some aspects.


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