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    There are two varieties of foil in use today: the nonelectric foil, known as "dry" or "steam," and the electrically scored foil. The components common to both varieties are the pommel, grip, guard, thumb pad, and blade.

    The nonelectric foil has a blunted end, typically produced by folding over the tip of the blade, that is capped with a plastic or rubber knob. Nonelectric foils are primarily used for practice, although some organizations still fence competitively using dry foils. In the United States, the American Fencing League
    American Fencing League
    The American Fencing League, or AFL, was founded on March 25, 2005 in Salem, Oregon, United States, by a group of fencers seeking independence from the United States Fencing Association. It is a non-profit organization for fencers who wish to enjoy fencing using non-electric foil, sabre, and épée...

    is an organization that holds only visually judged, non-electric tournaments, although electronically judged fencing, promoted by the USFA
    USFA may refer to:* U.S. Fire Arms Manufacturing Company* United States Football Alliance* United States Fencing Association* United States Fire Administration, a United States government agency...

    , boasts far more members.