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MT: It's not nice to hit girls!

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  • MT: It's not nice to hit girls!

    It's not nice to hit girls! By Flea - 09-09-2010 02:30 PM


    This topic has probably been done to death, but I didn't want to hijack Flor's thread.

    Who else has had that experience of male partners refusing to strike? Or insisting on the Fist Of Marshmallow technique? I get that all the time. Sometimes (sometimes!) I get better results when I explain that I really (no, really!) want them to hit me. If that doesn't work, they get the fireside chat that I live in a tuff neighborhood and my getting used to soft strikes will do me a huge disservice if someone ever jumps out of the bushes.

    That usually does the trick. If it doesn't I hit them for real, trying to match how hard I see them hit their other partners.

    How do other women handle the overly chivalrous?

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