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Self Defense Weaponry Coupled with Martial Arts Training

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  • Self Defense Weaponry Coupled with Martial Arts Training

    While I do believe that taking martial arts training is not only going to get you fit, but definitely teach you how to defend yourself in given situations. While this is all good it is not for everyone.

    There are individuals who simply cannot do this type of training, whether it be an elderly or a handicapped individual.

    For the individuals who are not capable of taking martial arts training, they should definitely consider self defense weapons as an alternative method in defending themselves. These devices come in all forms, methods and price ranges.

    For someone who may or may not be physically able, these weapons are an added way of protection. Visit us at: Mace Pepper Spray Gun

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    I totally agree, and would also like to ad that in the true spirit of self defence, one should be able to make a weapon out of anything they can find laying around.


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      Get off this forum, fool. You never even been in a fight less know anything about self defense. Please stop parading around like an expert in anything and stop TROLLING AND SPAMMING DEFEND.NET--chaiya wanarat is a clown


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        CHaiya is trolling the boards if you pull up all his threads. Best bet is not to answer or be bothered by his endless babble. He is a complete moron as evidenced by his writings. He is his own worst enemy.


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          You know who you are

          Just to let everyone here know, I received a very nasty discusting comment today. The person who wrote this certainly knows who they are. For anyone who is interested, this is the message I received

          ".... deleted by moderator...
          I'm sorry that you don't agree with the usage of self defense weapons. I'm also sorry that you have nothing better to do than send discusting comments as you did and privately as you apparently don't have the balls to do it publicly. I obviously know that it was sent privately as it's not posted here. I highly suggest that you not send anymore as I have already reported you. I'm in here as a friendly advocate of self defense and firmly believe in it no matter which means you choose to use. I will no longer be posting on this forum as I will not partake in such nasty comments.