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  • MT: Overly Rough Female Students

    Overly Rough Female Students By dancingalone - 06-04-2011 04:47 PM


    I can't say that I've run into this before, but now I have so I'd appreciate some general thoughts about YOU would handle a similar issue in your school.

    What would you do with a female senior colored belt who might be too rough with her juniors in sparring and other drills? Examples include taking advantage of a vastly outclassed partner in sparring as well as little things like holding a wrist lock perhaps a moment too long after her partner has tapped. It's generally with other women and bigger girls junior to her. She doesn't exhibit the same behavior with men, whatever their rank. I've said a couple of things publicly like 'Slow down' or 'Tone it a bit' which will work for a while, but the roughness will come back, even if not in the same class.

    Thoughts? The situation is passing strange to me. She doesn't seem like a bully, but her actions sure are starting to seem like it to me. What do you think is going on?

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        I know that when I was training, I was probably rough with lower-ranked students. It wasn't malicious; it was just that I was used to training with men who were much more physically strong and resilient. I had no clue about women, and when I sparred with the odd one that would walk through the door, it was like rolling with a floppy teddy bear half the time.


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          I love the kind of women that can kick my ass.