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    crazy woman By manchu - 09-30-2011 01:44 AM


    You look around the class, and you can sometime tell who you need to watch out to practice with. She was a trainer's girlfriend, and she seemed hardcore and tough. She would not smile, and she trains hard. I don't mind that. I actually respect the attitude. Yet, she was TERRITORIAL! I spar a lot in general, and I creaed my own style. Yes, I did train in Thailand twice, but I did not learn the basic of the proper styles if there is such a thing. Anyway, my trainer has been telling me I was getting good at sparring. A new gym opened, and I just wanted to check it out for an extra practice. I tried to be open minded, but the drill was rigid and boring. This woman was kicking me hard, punching hard and she was really trying to educate me everthing. Yes, I am not good at defending. So far it was O.K. I kept telling myself I just had to be open minded and anyone could be a teacher to me. Then, it was time to spar with her. She didn't like it. I was throwing punches and I was hitting her pretty good. She got mad! She said we were supposed to take turns like the previous drills and she was respecting me when I was punching her. Bull ****. If she was so good at denfending, she would just easily avoid my punches. The lady did not want to admit the new comer being good, so she blew up. She told me to relax and she was shaking her head and eyes like I was a crazy person. Very disrepectful. I then realize I am in a good hand with my regular gym.

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