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  • MT: How would you have responded?

    How would you have responded? By Ana - 04-22-2012 03:13 AM


    So recently at the place where I train (hapkido) there arose a slight problem. We were to go over our takedowns with partners. Now because there's hardly ever concrete partners because everyone likes to switch it up to challenge themselves I happened to be partnered up with a junior-ranked boy (Yellow belt).

    Now this particular take-down involves pushing the arm that punching you down, turning, shooting your hand up under your attackers bicep and then turning so they end up choking themselves. Now it's not a particularly difficult technique even if we both have junior rank but I noticed whenever this boy was doing it he *somehow* ended up completely missing by arm and *completely accidently* ran his hand over my chest.

    I understand completely that in training these things happen and I'm not trying to be a prude or flatter myself by imagining this. Once is an accident I know, second time around I told him to be more careful when he was placing his hands in order for the technique to work and the third (!) time one of the instructors came by and clearly showed him how it was done yet he persisted in doing it wrong for the full 15 minutes we were practising.

    We both both around the same age (I'm 15) and I train there quite often but he doesn't. I've gotten all my male friends in the class to swear never to leave me partnered with him again but I'm not sure if I've responded quite as forcefully as I should have. I'd like to note that on average there will be maybe 2 girls to 10 boys so I'll be partnered with the other girl but in some situations it can't be helped.

    So please reply and tell me if you think I responded correctly or perhaps what you would have done with this creep?

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